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Moving My Mountains

I am moving mountains! Or at least that’s what it feels like. In August I started a Crossfit Challenge. I wrote about it a few weeks ago in my “I’m not Zen Enough” piece. I was so excited that I had found something I was loving. And I was getting over the fact that I am not Zen enough for yoga! Well, my progress has been great! I am feeling better every day. These workouts are challenging, but I am moving the needle, lifting the weights …

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Socks for Surgery

I have to dedicate my post this week to my sweet boy. 10 years ago I became a heart mom. At 21 weeks we found out that we were going to have another sweet baby boy. But we also found out that his heart was not forming correctly and there may be other complications as well. There is nothing that can prepare a new parent for this kind of news. And when you start on this journey, you have to lean into a strength you …


Who is Picking This Curriculum?

I picked up my daughter from practice tonight and she asked how my day was. I could barely squeak it out through the tears. It’s been a tough couple weeks for a multitude of reasons and quite frankly, I am pretending to hold it together. This week is an emotional week for me. It makes me feel so good to bring gift packages to the heart babies as a celebration of my son’s Heartiversary, but it is also difficult to revisit some of these moments …

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I’m Just Not Zen Enough

Well, It’s something I have fought for years. I had a similar experience when I found out that I wasn’t a happy pregnant woman. I always pictured myself so happy and blissful and that just wasn’t my reality. I was so sick and in so much pain most of my pregnancy that I never got that blissful glow. I was thrilled with the end result. I absolutely love being a mom, but the pregnancies, were not fun!  I was so sick and miserable. And that’s …

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Socks For Surgery

This time of year always brings me back and I force myself to go back. That may sound bad but for anyone that has been through an extended hospital visit with someone they love, you can relate. You truly never want to go back and you really want to just push the memories away. But every year, I surface it all. It has been so healing to do it and it has been a wonderful time for my son to ask questions and get the …

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What I love about aging

I bet you’ve never seen that title before. We just don’t talk about all the things we LOVE about aging enough! But it’s pretty amazing! It’s almost as though all of the physical appearance changes that we consider to be losses on the outside, you are actually gaining on the inside! Here is what I am gaining each day. Perspective. I am broadening my perspective and my heart is growing each and every day. My past experiences are allowing me to see through a new …

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55,000 Snapchats! Oh, you read that right!

Hey Momma’s! How was the summer? What were your kiddie-Os up to? I cannot believe we are starting another school year. My oldest is going to be a sophomore. How did that happen??? My middle is going to be in 8th grade and my baby is going into 5th! Time is flying and I am soaking up as much of them as I can. Some days are easier than others! And I have to admit that the end of the last school year gave me …

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On the Run

I wasn’t able to post last Wednesday. It was my first Wednesday that I missed since we have started our blog and it really hit me hard. My hustle got so real that I just didn’t have the time to add one more thing to it and the blog suffered. I was so hard on myself for missing my day, but in the end, in the grand scheme of things, did it really matter? It really made me think this week about all of the …

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I was going to post a quote or keep this lighthearted this week. But it has been an emotional week and I just have too much on my heart to not share what’s happening. My glimpse into my ancestry has only been my mother’s side of the family. My family tree has one full half that has always been a mystery to me. There has been a hole in my story and some things I haven’t been able to answer through the years. When I …