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Socks For Surgery

This time of year always brings me back and I force myself to go back. That may sound bad but for anyone that has been through an extended hospital visit with someone they love, you can relate. You truly never want to go back and you really want to just push the memories away. But every year, I surface it all. It has been so healing to do it and it has been a wonderful time for my son to ask questions and get the …

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What I love about aging

I bet you’ve never seen that title before. We just don’t talk about all the things we LOVE about aging enough! But it’s pretty amazing! It’s almost as though all of the physical appearance changes that we consider to be losses on the outside, you are actually gaining on the inside! Here is what I am gaining each day. Perspective. I am broadening my perspective and my heart is growing each and every day. My past experiences are allowing me to see through a new …

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55,000 Snapchats! Oh, you read that right!

Hey Momma’s! How was the summer? What were your kiddie-Os up to? I cannot believe we are starting another school year. My oldest is going to be a sophomore. How did that happen??? My middle is going to be in 8th grade and my baby is going into 5th! Time is flying and I am soaking up as much of them as I can. Some days are easier than others! And I have to admit that the end of the last school year gave me …

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On the Run

I wasn’t able to post last Wednesday. It was my first Wednesday that I missed since we have started our blog and it really hit me hard. My hustle got so real that I just didn’t have the time to add one more thing to it and the blog suffered. I was so hard on myself for missing my day, but in the end, in the grand scheme of things, did it really matter? It really made me think this week about all of the …

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I was going to post a quote or keep this lighthearted this week. But it has been an emotional week and I just have too much on my heart to not share what’s happening. My glimpse into my ancestry has only been my mother’s side of the family. My family tree has one full half that has always been a mystery to me. There has been a hole in my story and some things I haven’t been able to answer through the years. When I …



From all of us at Hustle Mom Hustle, we wish you a wonderful 4th of July holiday and hope you are spending it with people you love!   Proud to be an American!     Thank you Pinterest for the fantastic image:

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Women in Business

I attended the Women in Automotive Conference in Orlando, FL this week. It was a packed 3 days talking about women in business, struggles, mentorship and perseverance. I am on the executive team of my company and was proud to represent Dealer Inspire at this conference. I’ve been at 3 major companies in my career and have a history of promotions. Right out of college I worked for Ameritech Cellular. I started as a sales associate. I spent the first 3 months in training and …

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Coming Down to the Wire!

You see this timestamp? It’s 11:13 p.m. and I am finally getting to my blog! It’s Wednesday, Y’All! And that means it’s time for me to get my act together and get to writing! Oh my goodness!!!! It’s almost Thursday! I’m almost out of time and I am sorry to our Thursday blogger Katie! I am cramping your timeline girl! Many apologies, but let’s face it, I know you know this drill! The day got away from me. So much happened today I could not …


A Little Perspective

Written By Brian Lamb, our guest Dad for the take over of “Hustle Mom, Hustle” in honor of Father’s Day! “You know what I am craving? A little perspective”. A quote from Anton Ego in Ratatouille the movie. One of our family all time favorites! defines perspective: The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance. Wait, What?? Is it true relations or relative importance? Education, experience, intelligence are all things that give many of us the confidence to form THE …

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A Lil Pop of Color!

Trends come and go and nothing says you’re staying with the times like sporting the latest and greatest. But, don’t let it break your bank! Accessorizing is the name of the game! But first, a quick story! I just boarded a plane back to Chicago. That’s why my Wednesday blog is so late in the day. I just got home. Hustle Momma, Hustle! I was in Napa for an Automotive Conference. I work in the Automotive Industry and it was a great 3 days of …