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Socks for Surgery

I have to dedicate my post this week to my sweet boy. 10 years ago I became a heart mom. At 21 weeks we found out that we were going to have another sweet baby boy. But we also found out that his heart was not forming correctly and there may be other complications as well. There is nothing that can prepare a new parent for this kind of news. And when you start on this journey, you have to lean into a strength you …

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I’m Just Not Zen Enough

Well, It’s something I have fought for years. I had a similar experience when I found out that I wasn’t a happy pregnant woman. I always pictured myself so happy and blissful and that just wasn’t my reality. I was so sick and in so much pain most of my pregnancy that I never got that blissful glow. I was thrilled with the end result. I absolutely love being a mom, but the pregnancies, were not fun!  I was so sick and miserable. And that’s …


Sweaty Brows and Financial Conversations

Let me start by saying, the sweaty brow has nothing to do with the topic of conversation.  One thing C and I do regularly (in addition to eating spicy food) is talk finances. As we were wrapping up a particularly spicy white chicken chili dinner we started talking about the next few months and then fast forwarded to the kiddos heading to college.  Thinking about that now, it really could have been a reason for the brow sweat. Let’s get real for a second.  Being …

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What I love about aging

I bet you’ve never seen that title before. We just don’t talk about all the things we LOVE about aging enough! But it’s pretty amazing! It’s almost as though all of the physical appearance changes that we consider to be losses on the outside, you are actually gaining on the inside! Here is what I am gaining each day. Perspective. I am broadening my perspective and my heart is growing each and every day. My past experiences are allowing me to see through a new …


Small Things. Big Impact.

When my hustle gets to be too much, sometimes the smallest gesture can make a world of difference, and bring me to tears. I had an encounter yesterday that reminded me of a few nice things people have done for me the past few months, that made a lasting impact. Starting with the most recent — I met a stranger at the nail salon. I bit my nails my whole life, so much that my hands/fingers hurt when I tried to do things. Several years …


What Do You Bring to the Table?

This isn’t the most beautiful image, but the message resonated with me this week. When someone compliments you, say thank you. And accept what that person says. Many women feel uncomfortable when someone compliments them, and rattle off a list of faults in response. Stop doing that. If you’re having a ‘show and tell’ or sharing session at work, or with family and friends, stop opening your ‘share’ with something like “I know this is stupid but….” or “I know this is lame but….” Accept …


Just the Two of Us

A few years ago, I was listening to an audiobook and was introduced to an idea I fell in love with – traveling without children. This was the story about two career-oriented people with little kids who lived the hustle. The couple was so busy with their professional lives they enlisted the help of several live-in caregivers. Their careers required long hours and frequent travel. They hardly sat down for dinner together. As infrequently as their lives intersected, the narrator described an annual tradition the …


Minimalist Mom

Be a minimalist Mom, is that possible?  I’m going to try a moderate Michelle version and you should too!   I recently read a book written by a friend and talented colleague, Danny Dover, called the Minimalist Mindset.   I have always been interested in the ideology, and this book really opened my eyes.  It is so much more than eliminating clutter and organizing your space. The general takeaways for me was  that by lessening decisions such as what to wear or eat, implementing daily routines …

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge: Try Something New for 30 Days

Last month I did a 30 day food challenge and I’d like to continue pushing myself with another 30 day challenge. This time around I encourage you to do a 30 day challenge with me! You can do anything for 30 days! Let’s try something new together. Your challenge can be something small (and therefore more sustainable once the challenge is over) or a bigger item that’s been on your bucket list. For inspiration check out this TED Talk by former Google engineer Matt Cutts …