Practicing Social Distancing

A COVID-19 State of Mind

I am not a medical professional.  I do not pretend to be. I am only as good as the information I’ve consumed and with COVID-19 on my mind, I’m trusting that source to be the CDC.  Now that we’re clear on my credentials, I wanted to share how I plan to make this period of Social Distancing work for me. An attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude?!  You’re stuck in a house with 2 kids, a crazy dog and a husband that doesn’t have any work to …


A Reflection on Childhood Activities

A few months ago I came across a video online that was collection of interviews across three generations of families from various locations. The question for each interviewee was the same idea — What did you most enjoy from your childhood? The interviews started with the oldest participants. As you can imagine, the grandparents of the group reminisced on memories that involved individual memories or past-times with siblings, playing outdoors in nature or among animals, making up games indoors, etc. Next, the parents of the …


Detox: mind, body and spirit

Detox: a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification. Oh January, January, January … my month to pause, reset and free my mind. There was nothing specific that was unhealthy and it wasn’t that I was unhappy. I was just wound up so tight that I wasn’t able to think clearly anymore. I didn’t even realize it but there were little clues. I was too quick to judge, snappy and my mood …

Quote about food being my favorite F word

I Survived 30 Days of Intermittent Fasting

This is not a weight loss success story…yet. At the start of the year, I decided something had to give.  I’d lost all my baby weight eight months postpartum, but shortly after I threw in the towel on nursing 20 pounds made their way right back into my life.  It didn’t help that with the year end holidays I threw calories to the wind and just enjoyed all of the holiday food and cookies I could stomach. When January hit I was channeling my inner …

A Happy Mother Quote

Why you work, mama?

Recently my oldest, curious and sweet, asked me, “why you work mama?” as we were getting ready for bed.  Every night we play, read, talk about how our days were and then after he climbs in bed he likes to ask questions. That night was no different.  Asking why vampires have to cough into their elbows, if the bats will get him, what happens to bad guys and then BAM. Although his question was literal and out of sheer curiosity, as they always are, it …

Ape Thinking

All About Compliments; Including the Best One I Ever Received

I have been fortunate to have received quite a bit of feedback over the years —and given the overthinking, analytical person I am — it replays often over and over in my head. Feedback – I welcome all of it — good and bad — because I’d rather talk about authentic things (even if it stings!) rather than waste time on bullshit small talk. Anyway, about 4 years ago, I received some feedback that has since carried the distinction of being the best compliment I’ve …


This Roller Coaster of a Life

I recently had one of those days with a really high high, and then later the same day it plunged to a low low. I can’t say I enjoy these days; I’m more of an even keeled, keep it in the middle kind of person. My high came first. I have a family history of breast cancer, so every year I get a diagnostic mammogram. I started getting these at the age of 30. It’s nice to get the results right away, and breath a …


Friday Night Confessions

I have a couple confessions to make.  First, we are almost two weeks into the new year and I haven’t been sticking to my resolutions already!  Ugh! I really wanted to make myself start asking for what I need, for what I want, and I’m not going to lie to you, I have been kind of a chicken shit about it.  I think we have established a safe space here, so we need to be real with each other. I am, however, going to keep …



Where do I begin, simply with this blog and more complicated with my career.  Pause.   Let me catch you up.  My position at Dealer Inspire was eliminated.  This did not catch me off guard but nonetheless a slight punch to my ego. Long story short, Dealer Inspire was an extremely successful start-up thanks to a one of a kind dynamic leader and a diverse bunch of super intelligent hard working individuals that positioned us to be acquired by  Fast forward eighteen months, both Human …



First, Happy New Year!  I can not believe we have entered a new decade and its 2020!  And, yes, it is a new decade; I am sorry but if you’re one of the assholes that feel like the new decade doesn’t start until 2021 then we can’t be friends.  This year feels even that much more significant to me because I graduated high school in 2000; the year of Vitamin C graduation song. It is really causing some even harder reflection of where I am …