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Happy Halloween

I grew up hating Halloween. I never really had a great costume. I think I was a baby every year. It was an easy costume that required very little money. Costumes were not something we spent money on when I was a kid. And so, all the kids would dress up and look so great and I was always a baby. It included pigtails and pajamas and both were easy and cheap. As I grew older, I remember the haunted houses. My lease favorite place …


No Time For Apathy

I’m turning 34 on November 6th.  This year, not unlike several other years of my life, my birthday is shared with Election Day. A planned c-section, November 6th was the first day available for my mom to choose and she often says she picked it because she couldn’t wait to meet me.  Having recently had my second child, I realize she was also probably at the point of no sleep, swollen ankles, reflux and overall discomfort. The year I was born was also an Election …


You Want Me to Eat What?!?

Eat that Frog. Okay? I first learned about this idea from our CEO during a team meeting. He described the premise of (Brian Tracy’s) book in which you identify the hardest thing you have to do and you do it first. You don’t follow the typical pattern of avoidance or procrastination; you set your table and take a big bite of that ugly, undesirable thing you have to do. Often times, the hardest thing you have to do, is the most important thing you have …


Today I Got My First Tattoo – A Tribute to My Oldest Son

When my kids ask me who my favorite child is, I answer that they are each my favorite, for different reasons (the answer is always the same, yet it’s a friendly banter amongst them to claim they are my favorite). When I talk about my oldest son, I say that he’s my favorite because he taught me how to be a mom. He loved this answer when he was younger, and would ask me over and over to list the ways he taught me how …


You Can Call Me Santa

Sooooooooooo it’s no surprise that I’ve had a busy, draining couple of months. I’ve blogged about it once or twice and I’ve continued to say things like ‘the end is near’; ‘it’s almost over’; ‘it’s just a one time thing’; ‘it won’t happen again’; etc. to my loved ones who are seriously concerned about me. Well, it’s almost over; I expect it to be over by Monday; just like I expected it to be over September 7, October 1, and now, I’m stating it for …



Recent events, personally, professionally and socially and how we have responded as a collective society has made me think, “what the F$^*! Is wrong with us?”   Everyone needs to to their homework and mind their own business. Respect for one another is what we are missing. Everyone seems to be up in arms fighting the good fight about issues that they truly don’t understand.  I respect the friends that hear out both sides and gather facts before coming to their own conclusion. The political climate …


Leaving the house: A comedy of errors

One of my old teachers used to say, “to be on time is late, to be early is on time.” After having children I’d like to add: Being on time with a toddler is impressive, being on time with a newborn is a miracle. Monday baby T hits the 2-weeks new mark, which also means I’m entering my 3rd week of leave.  It’s been relaxing and a test of my ability to slow down. By nature, I’m a busy and efficient person.  I like to …


I’d Like to Speak to a Manager Please — Part 1

So I’ve had 3 experiences in the last 3 weeks that led me to make a phone call that started with “I’d like to speak to a manager please”. Apparently I’m a true blue grown up because while I hate talking on the phone and get anxiety over the mere thought of it, I have absolutely no problem calling a vendor to inform them how awful of an experience I had. Further, I don’t just get on the phone to vent or explain how bad …

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Moving My Mountains

I am moving mountains! Or at least that’s what it feels like. In August I started a Crossfit Challenge. I wrote about it a few weeks ago in my “I’m not Zen Enough” piece. I was so excited that I had found something I was loving. And I was getting over the fact that I am not Zen enough for yoga! Well, my progress has been great! I am feeling better every day. These workouts are challenging, but I am moving the needle, lifting the weights …