On to the Next One and Unforgettable Lessons

When I’m in the car by myself, it’s usually silent. When I get tired of the silence I either switch to XM, an audiobook, Pandora, or YouTube. It all depends what kind of mood I’m in and how long I’ll be in the car. Every Tuesday, I commute to the office which is about an hour and a half drive after I drop the kids off at daycare. Side note, we listen to Pandora “Toddler Tunes” channel on our way to the kids’ school. Once …

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And Then One Day You Fit In Your Old Pants

I debated whether to write this blog post. It’s a weird moment. It’s a shout from the rooftops moment. But I also have reservations. I don’t want to come off braggy. And I certainly don’t want anyone to think I think “my shit don’t stink”. But at the same time, I am really proud of my commitment to my fitness and the strides I’ve made. I will also say, that most days, I don’t acknowledge how far I’ve come or see it. I look at …


I’d Like to Speak to a Manager Please — Part 2

A few blogs ago I promised to tell you more about my recent successes in asking for a manager. In part two of this three part series, I was going to tell you about my conversation with Cody, a manager of a franchise chicken restaurant I ordered from while I was out of town. Guess what guys? Cody made a liar out of me. He led me to believe I was successful in asking for a manager and getting a refund for the terrible experience …


Happy New Year! What Are Your Intentions for the New Year?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. As I enjoy the peace and quiet on this first day of the New Year (my family is all still asleep) I wrote down the things I want to work towards this New Year. I don’t like the word “resolution” – it’s too black and white, too final. If you resolve to do something, and then miss even one time, you may feel you’ve let yourself down, and drop off completely because you’ve already failed. This …



So, it’s been a minute!  I have had the craziest last couple of months that have really knocked me on my ass!  I feel like I am finally coming up for some air, and it is perfect timing, right at the new year.   People have such strong feelings about new year’s resolution, have you noticed that?  I feel like everyone asks, and you find such a wide range of responses. There are people that feel like coming up with a life changing goal isn’t …


Pimp My Loft

If you’re not familiar with MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” tv series, you’re probably a little thrown off by my blog title, so let me fill you in. According to Google, Pimp My Ride is a tv show in which “A resourceful team of experts takes car customizing to a completely different level by taking some of the sorriest vehicles on the road and turning them into impressive new rides.” So on that same note, I need all the help I can get from experts like …

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A Merry, Merry Tradition

I love traditions. And in the craziness of schedules and the hustle and bustle I think it is more important than ever to make them. Having something wonderful to look back on as my three get older is so important to me. What are the little things? What are the things we did every year that will bring a smile to their faces when they are older? I think about these things and try to make sure there are moments they will hold on to. …



Trajectory (noun) : The path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces. Every now and again my mortality strikes me.  Not in a morbid way, but in the kind of way that forces you to reflect.  On the day, week, year, life. In those moments, I am completely overcome with emotion and gratitude.  It happened last week as I held T in my parent’s kitchen. We were celebrating Christmas, the house bustling after presents were open and …


Leave A Shoe By the Door

For the first time in my life, I did not leave one of my shoes by the front door before I went to bed on December 5. I was out of town for work and as soon as I added our week-long work event to my calendar, I saw the conflict with the annual entry I have at 8 p.m. on December 5 to “Leave Shoes Out For St Nick” and my heart sank a little. No no no. I am not a crazy person. …

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Are you scared?

Are you afraid? Do you think you aren’t strong enough? Are you afraid you won’t finish? Are you so sad that you are here and that you let yourself get here? These were all things that would go through my head. For two years I went to the gym on and off. (Hell, let’s be honest, for the last 15 years) I would get dedicated for a little bit, eat okay, and then stop going. I always felt good when I finished. But if I …