Parent Teacher Conferences – Yay or Nay? + Best Morning Smoothie Recipe


I’m wondering what you all think about parent/teacher conferences. When my kids were little (in elementary school) I LOVED going to P/T conferences. You’d sit at the little table with the teacher and she’d slide a colorful folder to you with samples of your child’s work. There’d be short essays about your family pet or summer vacation full of spelling errors but super clever (in your opinion). Cute pictures of stick figures colored with crayons and out of the lines. And if you were really lucky that year, a writeup about you as their hero. You’d be convinced your child should be in enrichment (if they weren’t already); they had to be the smartest one in the class based on the sample work in that folder. Fast forward to me now having kids in high school and after all these years of parent/teacher conferences twice a year times three kids, I’m wondering how useful all that time spent really is. And for the first time ever, I just skipped spring conferences. I’d been viewing them more and more as a chore the last few years but my mom guilt got the best of me and I continued going. This time around, for spring conferences, I opened the email twice to schedule them, and just didn’t do it – it was liberating and a relief to get that evening back!

My opinion on parent/teacher conferences is if your child is having issues in school, you probably know about it before the conference and you’re already working directly with the teacher. If you’re already involved and checking your child’s grades and talking to them, you probably aren’t going to get any earth shattering news at conferences. In addition, I imagine it takes a TON of time for the teachers to compile all that work for each student, prepare what they’re going to say, and give up their days/evenings to talk to parents when there most likely aren’t any unknown concerns. Just my two cents as it’s spring conference time, and I’m enjoying my rebel behavior at skipping this round 🙂


BONUS: BEST MORNING SMOOTHIE RECIPE! I get questions about what I put in my daily smoothies (I often don’t finish them before arriving at the office) so here is the combination I use:


1 – 1.5 cups almond milk

1 banana

3 tablespoons hemp hearts/seeds. These are becoming more readily available – I get mine at Costco. This serving size has 10 grams of protein! In addition hemp hearts provide fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants.

2 chunks frozen coconut. I love coconut, and eating it this way gives me extra fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition i swear it makes my lips softer from the oil that is released when it’s ground up! I get my coconut chunks at Trader Joe’s.

1 scoop beetroot powder. This is the most expensive item in my smoothies. However, the scoop is very small and the bag lasts a long time. I buy mine at Fruitful Yield (a health food store chain with good prices and a rewards program). The bag I buy costs $20 but will probably last at least 2 months. Benefits of beetroot powder include iron (important to me as a vegetarian), calcium, digestive health, and many other things – including – erectile dsyfunction! Beetroot powder is sometimes referred to as “The Boner Juice.”

From there I add other fruit or vegetables, depending on what I have in the house. My favorites include frozen blueberries and spinach or an orange and frozen strawberries.

If you have other secret ingredients for your smoothies let us know!


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