Colleen Lieberstein


Colleen Lieberstein, Executive Administrative Assistant, works for an incredibly fast growing and fast paced company. She is a real life “Jack, or should I say, Jaqueline of all trades!” There isn’t much she doesn’t do to keep this company moving, shaking and growing. But she prides herself on excellence and the events that she has been able to plan. Including, but certainly not limited to, two exclusive conferences held at Google Headquarters, hosted by Dealer Inspire called Rethink, NADA the largest automotive conference, quarterly summits for all employees and countless other events throughout the year.

Colleen started her career as an educator, teaching English to High School Freshman and Sophomores. Colleen took a brief sabbatical when she had her son and her daughter. Upon returning to the workforce, she took a departure from teaching and decided on a leap of faith into Marketing, with a teaching twist.  She worked at K-12 Teachers Alliance, marketing master’s programs to educators. She stayed close with an audience she respected and admired, and helped get them into higher education courses that made them indispensable at their school.

Looking for a place to grow and realizing she had a lot more to offer, Colleen took a giant step out of her comfort zone, and began her current role at Dealer Inspire. She started her role as the assistant to the founder and CEO. Quickly her responsibilities grew, and she found herself handling travel and expenses for almost 400 employees, as well as all of the company’s trade show and event planning.

To the core, Colleen never strayed from her roots of enjoying a role where she could not only lead and create, but support and encourage as well. She has big dreams for her future, including cultivating the #hustlemomhustle blog with 6 other amazing women. She has had to overcome a lot of self doubt and insecurity that stem from an early age but continued into her professional career. This blog will prove to be an outlet and allow her to explore all of these topics and continue to grow. She wants to bring positivity and laughter to all those around her! As Madeleine L’Engle would say, A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.

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