A Year of Pie

Delicious, yes.  Surprising, yes.  Joyful, hell yes. Last November I set out to bake every pie in my newest cookbook: Easy as Pie.  It gave me something to work toward while doing something I enjoy. Bake 50 different pies in 52 weeks, sounds delicious, right?  What it sparked, motivated and brought me was something I definitely didn’t expect.  JOY.  Like turn it to 11 kinds of joy.  Sometimes it was just for me – the whole family nestled in their beds for the night, firing …


2003 Called, it wants it’s dress back.

IT. FITS.  My parents dropped my senior prom dress off a few weeks ago when emptying the last of my childhood room’s contents.   Much to my delight, when I tried it on it zipped…all. the. way. This might not seem like a big deal, but due to the other childhood content drop offs and photos I’ve rifled through and number of times I’ve found myself saying, “I can’t believe I thought I was fat then,” it was definitely exciting for me.  Back in February BC (before …

Little Interns

Social Distancing – Week 2 Wrap Up

I, like most of you, wrapped up a second full week of social distancing on Friday and based on the press conference today, it sounds like we’re likely going to be buckling in for a few more weeks.  I’m grateful as I reflect on the last two weeks things have been overwhelmingly positive despite the circumstances that have us practicing distancing in the first place. I’m thankful to have been able to continue working and for a company that is set-up to so easily do …

Practicing Social Distancing

A COVID-19 State of Mind

I am not a medical professional.  I do not pretend to be. I am only as good as the information I’ve consumed and with COVID-19 on my mind, I’m trusting that source to be the CDC.  Now that we’re clear on my credentials, I wanted to share how I plan to make this period of Social Distancing work for me. An attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude?!  You’re stuck in a house with 2 kids, a crazy dog and a husband that doesn’t have any work to …

Quote about food being my favorite F word

I Survived 30 Days of Intermittent Fasting

This is not a weight loss success story…yet. At the start of the year, I decided something had to give.  I’d lost all my baby weight eight months postpartum, but shortly after I threw in the towel on nursing 20 pounds made their way right back into my life.  It didn’t help that with the year end holidays I threw calories to the wind and just enjoyed all of the holiday food and cookies I could stomach. When January hit I was channeling my inner …

A Happy Mother Quote

Why you work, mama?

Recently my oldest, curious and sweet, asked me, “why you work mama?” as we were getting ready for bed.  Every night we play, read, talk about how our days were and then after he climbs in bed he likes to ask questions. That night was no different.  Asking why vampires have to cough into their elbows, if the bats will get him, what happens to bad guys and then BAM. Although his question was literal and out of sheer curiosity, as they always are, it …


Grief is not a point in time

Text at 7:00 am Mom:  Please call me. As you pick up the phone and make the call a haze settles in anticipating the worst, but ultimately knowing if the worst hits, there was no amount of preparation for it. Its a call I’ve made upon similar request before and I remember how each has ended.  When the haze clears the memory remains of exactly where you were, what you were doing and how you felt.  For me, it is a gut punch. The air …


College Flashbacks

Parenting and being among other parents in a social setting often feels like the first week of college.  Trying to figure your life alongside a bunch of strangers and wanting to make friends, but cautious you don’t end up with the weirdos.  (Sidenote, I landed with the best damn bunch of weirdos after all, much love friends). Almost every time I’m with my kids and there’s potential to connect with other parents socially, I’m at a loss. All of the non-verbals that make you accessible: …

Take a deep breath graphic

Write Hot, Edit Cold

Many moons ago I had a copywriting professor that said, “write hot, edit cold” in the moment, that’s where the magic happens.  You’re not concerned about if something sounds odd or if a comma is missing. The juices are flowing and you just let it go. Then, once its all out of your head and on the page, walk away.  Get a coffee, do some laundry, have a beer (whatever strikes your fancy) and then come back. Its upon your return to the writing that …


How to Increase your Supply

Let’s be upfront, I’m not here to promise you how to up your supply.  To write a grocery list of all the things you should be eating that will double or triple your supply overnight.  I’ve read enough of those articles and eaten the cookies, the muffins, made smoothies with flax and oatmeal and you know what? Sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn’t. There are certain truths that need to be shared.  The invisible pressure that exists in our world today around how …