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I Survived 30 Days of Intermittent Fasting

This is not a weight loss success story…yet. At the start of the year, I decided something had to give.  I’d lost all my baby weight eight months postpartum, but shortly after I threw in the towel on nursing 20 pounds made their way right back into my life.  It didn’t help that with the year end holidays I threw calories to the wind and just enjoyed all of the holiday food and cookies I could stomach. When January hit I was channeling my inner …

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And Then One Day You Fit In Your Old Pants

I debated whether to write this blog post. It’s a weird moment. It’s a shout from the rooftops moment. But I also have reservations. I don’t want to come off braggy. And I certainly don’t want anyone to think I think “my shit don’t stink”. But at the same time, I am really proud of my commitment to my fitness and the strides I’ve made. I will also say, that most days, I don’t acknowledge how far I’ve come or see it. I look at …

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Are you scared?

Are you afraid? Do you think you aren’t strong enough? Are you afraid you won’t finish? Are you so sad that you are here and that you let yourself get here? These were all things that would go through my head. For two years I went to the gym on and off. (Hell, let’s be honest, for the last 15 years) I would get dedicated for a little bit, eat okay, and then stop going. I always felt good when I finished. But if I …

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Moving My Mountains

I am moving mountains! Or at least that’s what it feels like. In August I started a Crossfit Challenge. I wrote about it a few weeks ago in my “I’m not Zen Enough” piece. I was so excited that I had found something I was loving. And I was getting over the fact that I am not Zen enough for yoga! Well, my progress has been great! I am feeling better every day. These workouts are challenging, but I am moving the needle, lifting the weights …

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I’m Just Not Zen Enough

Well, It’s something I have fought for years. I had a similar experience when I found out that I wasn’t a happy pregnant woman. I always pictured myself so happy and blissful and that just wasn’t my reality. I was so sick and in so much pain most of my pregnancy that I never got that blissful glow. I was thrilled with the end result. I absolutely love being a mom, but the pregnancies, were not fun!  I was so sick and miserable. And that’s …


Use the baby weights

Yesterday I was hitting my limits – in a lot of ways – work load, emotions, and the actual weight at the gym. I was maxed out. I had nothing left in the tank when I left the office and felt really down in the dumps. I got myself to the gym and the first part of the workout was squats. I love squats. I’m good at squats. They make me feel strong and powerful. Last night’s workout called to hit 105% of your max …


Staying Epic in the Hustle

Everyday I try to ask myself, “I wonder how I can accomplish this today?” It’s a small question that I apply to a variety of things. But if anything it continually makes me analyze and plan on the next adventure (or in some cases, problem) no matter how big or small it maybe. Being a developer, I am always trying to find ways to solve problems on a day to day basis. Which has allowed me to take those principles and apply them to other …



I’ve been a runner my entire athletic “career”.  I spent my high school and college free time running miles and miles and miles.  And I loved it! Loved the teams. Love my friends. Love the chance to keep pushing myself week after week.  Cutting those few seconds  to earn that PR made me so happy! But the weight room – ooooo that was SCARY!  When we had to do strength training I would do the workout our coach planned, but never ever did I walk in …

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Day 1 – A million times over

Well, this wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t have a post focused on fitness and one of my endless struggles in life. I fall down and I get back up. And I get back up and then I fall down. Let me paint this picture for you. Maybe you can relate to this one. It’s Saturday morning. It’s 6:00 a.m. and I am up! Ready to get the day started. I’m exhausted from the week, but I am energized once again. I throw on …


Fear and Loathing at the Gym

“Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run, but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant.” ― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Why the fear and loathing quote you may ask. Well, sometimes I can be a little dramatic, but that is the thought that came to my head when embarking on a …