I’ve been a runner my entire athletic “career”.  I spent my high school and college free time running miles and miles and miles.  And I loved it! Loved the teams. Love my friends. Love the chance to keep pushing myself week after week.  Cutting those few seconds  to earn that PR made me so happy!

But the weight room – ooooo that was SCARY!  When we had to do strength training I would do the workout our coach planned, but never ever did I walk in there on my own.  No way! I did not want to look like the fool who didn’t know what I was doing and of course I was too proud to ask for help.

But a few years ago, my runs were starting to get boring and I was looking for something new.  I drove past a sign for a Cross Fit opening soon for weeks and every day I wanted to try it. First I had to muster up the nerve!  Sounds a bit dramatic for a workout routine right?

I DID IT!  I walked in those doors with the encouragement from a few friends and looked around.  It is just metal racks and barbells and plates. That’s it. Not fancy. No mirrors. Just sweaty people throwing weight around.  

Yes I almost walked right back out.  Eik my worst fear of the weight room and there are no treadmills or machines to hide on.

But the coaches were so welcoming and the athletes were welcoming.  It was amazing. It wasn’t a bunch of scary meatheads. It was a bunch of very nice meatheads 🙂  And I wanted to be their friends and workout with them!

Then you look at the white board and it’s like another language


Ok.  I got this.  I can learn this. I want to be good at this!

Yep I found myself a new challenge.  I found something I was scared of but I knew I could overcome the fear.  I could become a better version of me.  

And I DID!

Guys – I can do a pull up now!  All by myself!!!! It took me over a year to build up the strength.  It was worth the hard work.  I always thought the girls who could do a pull up were so strong and athletic.  And now that’s me!

Some workouts I love and some are really challenging, but at the end of each and every workout I feel great about what my mom body can do.  I sweat my stress my away and I’m ready to take on life’s next challenge.

I am so glad I faced my fears and walked in those door the first time.


And if you are curious 🙂

AMRAP: As many rounds as possible

RX: Prescribed workout

EMOM:  Every Minute on the Minute

WOD: Workout of the Day

PR:  Personal Record


Jill Siefert