Michelle Arnold


Michelle Arnold is a marketing professional with twenty years of experience in management, consulting and corporate communications.

Michelle joined Dealer Inspire/Launch Digital Marketing in 2015 as Director of Project Management. She has exceptional experience in cultivating positive client-relationships, strategic planning, and team management.

As now Director of Recruitment, Michelle has a great understanding of the importance of leadership, culture and development. Known for her excellent interpersonal skills, Michelle has vast experience in providing guidance and coaching to help her team members reach success. She is passionate about current trends and innovative recruiting techniques to ensure competitiveness in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Before joining Dealer Inspire/Launch Digital Marketing, Michelle was the Vice President at Morreale Communications where she gained extensive knowledge in public affairs and community outreach. She has experience in engaging key stakeholders, organizing community events and developing public involvement strategies.

In addition to her experience at Morreale, Michelle was the Vice President at ABN AMRO Bank / LaSalle Bank where she was responsible for event marketing and community development in the U.S. Midwest region annually producing and managing over 750 events.

Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, with a specialization in Communication and Sociology. She completed a certificate course at Kellogg School of Management for Marketing NotĀ­ forĀ­ Profits and Managing the Board of Directors. Michelle resides in Chicago with her husband and four children.

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