Two fingers pressed together where one fingernail appear a bit higher than the other

Yours is a Fingernail Bit Better

My nine year old son gets frustrated when he tries to communicate something to me and I find it unclear. He gets very annoyed when I try to ask followup questions or rephrase what I think he’s trying to tell me. He growls/groans? at me and tells me I’m not letting him talk, or I’m interrupting him, or I’m being too over the top. During winter break he suggested out of nowhere that I make “apple crisp”. That is a phrase that has never been …

Kaminski Family

You (Miss You So Much Dad)

Your vestsYour handwritingYour coffee cupYour lotto numbersYour toolsThe sound your belt makes hanging on the back of the bathroom door Your keysYour brushYour hoodiesYour projectsYour ability to fix thingsThe way you wear your pants so high Your notepadsYour gifts for MomYour solitaire gamesYour crosswordsYour family photosThe way you putz around the garage for hours Your CadillacYour fishing polesYour lawnYour golf clubsYour workbenchThe things you’ve built with your hands all over the house Your listsYour thermosYour cough dropsYour pillowYour house shoesThe way you answer the phone …


A Reflection on Childhood Activities

A few months ago I came across a video online that was collection of interviews across three generations of families from various locations. The question for each interviewee was the same idea — What did you most enjoy from your childhood? The interviews started with the oldest participants. As you can imagine, the grandparents of the group reminisced on memories that involved individual memories or past-times with siblings, playing outdoors in nature or among animals, making up games indoors, etc. Next, the parents of the …

Ape Thinking

All About Compliments; Including the Best One I Ever Received

I have been fortunate to have received quite a bit of feedback over the years —and given the overthinking, analytical person I am — it replays often over and over in my head. Feedback – I welcome all of it — good and bad — because I’d rather talk about authentic things (even if it stings!) rather than waste time on bullshit small talk. Anyway, about 4 years ago, I received some feedback that has since carried the distinction of being the best compliment I’ve …

Donate gift sets

T’was the Morning After Christmas

T’was the morning after Christmas…. and what should you do? The answer is easy! Jump in your car and head to the nearest Walgreens, CVS, Target etc and look for the health and beauty gift section. Just like wrapping paper, decorations, and holiday candy, anything packaged as a holiday gift set will be half off or more, the day after Christmas. If you have loved ones who are in need of cologne sets, perfume sets or shower gel sets, definitely use the morning of December …


Gift Giving Guide for Kids who Need Nothing

Tis the season for giving, but let’s not go overboard, especially for kids (like mine) who have more than enough.  You wouldn’t know it if you visited my house, but I consider myself to be a minimalist. I believe everything has a place and countertops are meant to be free of clutter. I’m also a lover of experiences and memories rather than things. However, I’m outnumbered 5 to 1 in my house and they all like things. And while I don’t like all the things, …


Trick-Or-Treating Traditions

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Halloween? I told the other #hustlemoms I’d write something this month so I’ve been thinking about what to write about and how I felt about Halloween for a few weeks now. If you had to guess, whether or not I’d be into Halloween, what would you say? If you guessed “she’s not that into it”, you’re right.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Halloween, nor do I have a problem with anyone …


I’ll Have my Cake and Eat it Too

A long time ago in a castle far away a twenty-something version of myself stumbled upon the website Over the years I bookmarked and saved and screenshotted and emailed recipes I was interested in trying. I’ll set the scene a bit more for you…I’m not a cook, I’m not a baker, I’m AM a picky eater, and the kind of recipes I am interested in must require very few ingredients with basic techniques. In the last decade or so, there have been two go-to …



An interesting email subject crossed my path today and it’s the perfect inspiration for something to write about. Have you ever heard of a National Day of Unplugging? Well guess what? It’s this weekend so you should check it out. March 1 and 2 are National Unplug Day; this is a 24 hour global respite from technology. It highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices to connect with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities in real time.  What’s involved? You need to unplug …


Top 5 Places to Hide YOUR Food…A Visual Guide

I don’t know about you, but I love going out to eat. I love it even more when the service is stellar and the food is delicious and I feel like I got a good deal. A good value for me, usually translates into turning my one meal into two or three. I do not have a chef at home and I have no shame in my left-over game. Seriously. Think back to a time when you went out to dinner with friends or family, …