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I was going to post a quote or keep this lighthearted this week. But it has been an emotional week and I just have too much on my heart to not share what’s happening. My glimpse into my ancestry has only been my mother’s side of the family. My family tree has one full half that has always been a mystery to me. There has been a hole in my story and some things I haven’t been able to answer through the years. When I …


A Little Perspective

Written By Brian Lamb, our guest Dad for the take over of “Hustle Mom, Hustle” in honor of Father’s Day! “You know what I am craving? A little perspective”. A quote from Anton Ego in Ratatouille the movie. One of our family all time favorites! defines perspective: The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance. Wait, What?? Is it true relations or relative importance? Education, experience, intelligence are all things that give many of us the confidence to form THE …