Two fingers pressed together where one fingernail appear a bit higher than the other

Yours is a Fingernail Bit Better

My nine year old son gets frustrated when he tries to communicate something to me and I find it unclear. He gets very annoyed when I try to ask followup questions or rephrase what I think he’s trying to tell me. He growls/groans? at me and tells me I’m not letting him talk, or I’m interrupting him, or I’m being too over the top. During winter break he suggested out of nowhere that I make “apple crisp”. That is a phrase that has never been …


What Do You Bring to the Table?

This isn’t the most beautiful image, but the message resonated with me this week. When someone compliments you, say thank you. And accept what that person says. Many women feel uncomfortable when someone compliments them, and rattle off a list of faults in response. Stop doing that. If you’re having a ‘show and tell’ or sharing session at work, or with family and friends, stop opening your ‘share’ with something like “I know this is stupid but….” or “I know this is lame but….” Accept …