Wedded Bliss

Mark and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on September 12, 2018.   It’s amazes me to think that we’ve been together for over thirty years; dated for ten and married for twenty.  I can’t remember life without him by my side (I can vividly remember life without kids though). Time flies. I’ve been reflecting on my first and true love and all that we have been through together.   When standing at the altar 20 years ago, if we knew what the next twenty years would hold, …


Just the Two of Us

A few years ago, I was listening to an audiobook and was introduced to an idea I fell in love with – traveling without children. This was the story about two career-oriented people with little kids who lived the hustle. The couple was so busy with their professional lives they enlisted the help of several live-in caregivers. Their careers required long hours and frequent travel. They hardly sat down for dinner together. As infrequently as their lives intersected, the narrator described an annual tradition the …

I love you because dry erase board pinterest project

“I Love You Because…” Pinterest Project Ideas

Are you familiar with Gary Chapman’s best selling book, “The Five Love Languages”? I haven’t read the whole book but was intrigued by the idea that everyone experiences and expresses love differently. I downloaded the audiobook from my public library’s Hoopla system (LOVE HOOPLA!) and listened for a few chapters until I discovered my love language along with my husband’s. If you look at the list of the five love languages and can’t tell immediately which is the way you express and experience love, you …