What Are You Deeply Passionate About?

I am passionate about thinking and about learning, usually centered on the theme of constant improvement. Some of these passions developed as a result of the best compliment I’ve ever received.

I feel most valued when someone asks for my opinion. I love being a sounding board, knowing that I bring a unique perspective to the table.

If I have insights or experience to help make something better, I jump at the chance to share what I know. If I haven’t been there/done that, I probably know someone who has and try my best to connect those people.

I’m confident in my ability to teach and thoroughly enjoy helping people understand complicated topics.

I’m passionate about living everyday without regret, and learning how I can become a better version of myself the next day.

I feel most accomplished sharing lessons I’ve learned and passing the knowledge on to my family and my co-workers.

So tell me…. What are you deeply passionate about?

Featured photo courtesy of Pexels.


Katie Helgesen

Katie Helgesen is the Senior Director of Business Intelligence at Dealer Inspire, a fast-growing and award winning technology company near Chicago. Katie and her husband, Todd, have 4 awesome kids and love living in a small community centered on a lake in northwest Indiana. Baseball, t-ball, and soccer schedules are just a few pieces of Katie’s Mom Hustle. Her daydreams revolve around finding more “me time” and traveling. In real life, Katie keeps herself sane with naps, Netflix and eating out as often as she can.