Are Your Jeans Hurting You?

I bought some new jeans and I love them! They are from Express and they are so comfortable and fit me perfectly. Those two things are RARELY written about jeans! Let’s be honest! AND, here’s the even better part, they run big so I had to go in and buy an even smaller size. BONUS! Run, don’t walk! They are the best!

But there’s one downfall. The button must contain nickel. It’s so weird. This topic has come up a few times in the last week, so I thought I better write a blog about it.

Are you allergic to nickel? Does your skin get irritated? Do you get a rash from necklaces, jean buttons, or earrings? Chances are you are allergic to metal.

Well my button on my jeans was giving me a rash! YES! I have a rash by my belly button and it is from these jeans. My co-worker has the same jeans and I mentioned it on Friday that my jeans were itching me. And she immediately said “Yes!” She’s having the same problem. I asked her if she is allergic to Nickel and she said yes! And she couldn’t figure out why her belly button itched every time she wore these jeans. LOL! Well, the jeans are amazing enough for me to write this PSA and get the word out so you can cover the button and wear these in all their glory!

I put a little felt patch over mine. Whew! Relief! No more rash on my belly button!

And the plot thickens. I was talking with my business partner recently and she was wearing these clip on earrings. They were super cute but they kept falling off. And she said she has to wear clip ons because earrings make her ears itch. Even “real” gold ones. Well, I let her know, real gold can have nickel in it and it can cause irritation. She was shocked. But it’s true. Especially 14K gold.

And I realized how many people may be suffering and not know what to do. You can get nickel free earrings! YAY! Target has a great line of nickel free earrings. Note, even hypo-allergenic can cause irritation some times and even “real” gold. So if that’s even happened to you, make sure they say nickel free. Also, side note, Francesca’s (love that little boutique) has ALL nickel free earrings. Their earrings are the best and they don’t say nickel free but the sales rep told me that they are all nickel free and I have never had an issue with any of their earrings! AND…they are so cute!

I also have a great trick if you JUST HAVE TO WEAR A CUTE PAIR of earrings and you know they irritate you. Throw some clear nail polish on the post, let it dry and you should be good to go for one wear! It’s a temporary fix, but it works for those earrings that are just too cute to say no to! You can also use it on the back of your button on your jeans. But again, it would have to be done every time you wear them!

Allergy Sufferers UNITE! I am going to create a self help group for all of us that just can’t get away from all of these allergies! But I hope this helped! And if you find your skin irritated, what do you think I would recommend you put on it? WITCH HAZEL! LOL! The cure all. The Greeks think it’s Windex. (Reference: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) But truly it’s Witch Hazel!

Happy ITCH FREE LIFE my friends!

Here’s the link to the jeans 🙂 Happy shopping!


Nicolle Lamb

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