Back to School

There is no hustle like the back to school hustle!  I take full advantage of summer break and extend the fun to the very last possible moment.  Then POW … back to reality (back to life, back to Rita…. ) gearing up for the new school year with finishing up summer homework packets, shopping for supplies, taking inventory of uniforms, backpacks and shoes realizing that nothing fits.  It all gets done it’s just not as fun as a day on the lake! Boo hoo. Summer is over!

My favorite part of a new school year (there has to be something) are all the back to school pictures.  The picture perfect moments that we all share with the creative Pinterest signs are lovely but the best are the behind the scenes outtakes.  Let’s be real photo sessions with kids rarely go smooth (at least not for our crew) and there is likely a little bit of commentary:

  • Why are you making that face?
  • Smile normal
  • OMG open your eyes and look at the (bleep bleep’n) camera
  • What the hell are you doing?!  Why do you look like that?
  • What is wrong with you?
  • What are you wearing?  
  • Mom, that’s enough. You agreed to one picture.

Sounds like a real motivating way to start your first day of school.  Ha ha!

I’m not proud of my outbursts or outtakes, however, it’s the real deal.  Allison flipped us the bird in her very first back to school. She is the youngest of four and learned it from Adam Sandler movies (again not proud but his movies are the ones that we all agree on).   I was a so scared that she was going to give the middle finger at school and all the Mom’s wouldn’t let their sweet innocent little girls play with my Alli. All ended fine since she has good judgement and keeps her middle finger antics for home!  

Here are a few of my outtakes from years past.  Enjoy and please share yours!

Jeff’s face ^
Jeff crying in the window ^


More of Alli flipping the bird

Here’s to a great school year for all our kiddos.  May they be kind and inclusive! Good luck to all the parents with preparing lunches, getting the kids to bed early, and making it out the door every morning to get to school on time.   



Michelle Arnold