Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hustling mamas out there!

I knew that I wanted to blog today but seriously could not focus on one topic. I was all over the place with my thoughts this past week so this morning I decided to journal throughout the day and just see what comes to be. So here we go …

I vividly remember being preggy with Maddi and wondering, worrying and dreaming about what type of mom I was going to be. Was I going to be a strict mom, a crazy crafty mom, an all boy mom, uber chic mother, all organic mommy, a laid back mama, soccer mom, the cool mom, even a dance mom … and soon came to realize that there is truly not one stereotypical type of mom. You are simply you with children, they each change you and make you even more you, a version of YOU that you can’t fathom yet were always meant to be.

Maddi makes me brave and urges me to try new things. She’s a pioneer. Marky keeps me fit and healthy. His strength and confidence amazes me. Jeffrey keeps me innocent and humble. He’s sincerely all goodness and always thinking of others and my Allison makes me more inquisitive and appreciate the world through a child’s eyes. So it’s just me, Michelle, a mom with four unique cool kids that continue to shape me daily.

I LOVE being a mom to my four, two boys and two girls. How lucky! I’m no longer a young mom (eyeroll) but a more experienced confident mom with kids ranging from nine to sixteen. My parenting now ranges from say no to sex, drugs and rock and roll to college visits to don’t talk with food in your mouth to sleeptraining (it’s time to sleep in your own bed, Alli). Now I realize that time really flies and I truly savor most parenting moments and all their special events. I also realize that it does take a village but you need to stay true to your moral compass. True mom friends will realize that and let you do you.

Personally, past Mother’s Days were always about fancy brunches, planting and entertaining others. This year it was more personal and felt real. Today was about me loving my life as their mom and simply being grateful that my journey here has been a fairytale (okay maybe more of a comedy). Today I was content and really appreciated all the little things that they did to make me feel special. I didn’t control the day (like usual) and just let them spoil me their way (besides the key lime pie that I ordered from a friend). My original plan was to order a fancy brunch but I couldn’t find one that looked perfect enough to splurge on or one that I couldn’t make myself. I’m getting practical with my age and the thought of paying to pick-up scrambled eggs just did not seem worth it! The day ended up being perfect! I didn’t lift a finger and the only real mothering that I did was loving them, lingering hugs and lots of laughs.

My day was likely shaped by watching Old Saint Pat’s mass live stream. If you have the chance and need a fresh perspective and a little selfcare, check it out. Jill Wrobel, OSP parishioner shares her story and it really granted me a new view.

Wishing you all a very happy mother’s day! Lots of love and peace to you.

And if interested, keep reading for a snapshot of my perfectly imperfect quarantined Mother’s Day for the record book …
Live stream OSP amazing mass
Fresh coffee
Favorite candles from Camp Willow
Lemon water
Spa music
I love you painting
Littles arguing over the number of chores each is doing
Maddi delegating like a boss
Breakfast of champions with homemade pancakes and bacon
Pastries from Isabell Wukowitz delivered by my prayer partner, Mikey Wukowitz
More coffee
Birthday parade for Maeve (almost late cuz Marky just had to take a shower)!
Reading a bit of my book, Where the Crawdads Sing
Grannie social distant visit, make-up application by Maddi
Questions on how to clean the kitchen
Arguing in the kitchen on how to make potatoes and talking all about what I like and don’t like
A surprise dinner of bacon wrapped scallops and salmon cooked on a cedar wood plank …
Alli picking at her loose tooth (so gross) and now
finishing this quiet day with key lime pie, talking with the teens and watching the Last Dance.

Lots of little arguments but no tears! Life is good today and I’ll clean the kitchen tomorrow.


Michelle Arnold