Crockpot Corned Beef Sliders

I make dinner every night!

Said no working mom ever.  At least none of the ones I know.  I will say, cooking is how I unwind after work and one of my passions so I try to cook as much as I can.  Creating something while dancing around in the kitchen listening to music just seems right. I often tell my parents that they were Jedis in raising us (or at least me).  I can’t remember my mom asking me to help in the kitchen, but I did. Watching, chopping, browning, stirring, starting dinner on weeknights. I hope in raising J I have the same luck because honestly I don’t want to find out that he’s eating take out every night as a 20 something because he can’t even make blue box mac and cheese.  

Wow, I went there. Clearly, I’m still a new mom, there will be much bigger things to worry about down the line, but for now its takeout in his 20s.

All that to say, just because I know how to cook doesn’t mean I do every night. The reality is most weeknights if I’m home before J is sleeping, I’ve got enough time with him to build a block tower, play with cars or dance party before it’s tubby, teeth and jammie time.  Which means that C has already picked him up, played and gotten him dinner. Weeknight cooking is still just for two and often ready sometime after 8p.

One thing that has made weeknight meals easier is the Crockpot.  I’ve heard some rumblings about a crockpot and This Is Us, but truth be told, I haven’t watched since maternity leave and I don’t think I can take it.  With St. Patrick’s Day upon us I figured I’d share a quick recipe that I whipped up yesterday that’s good for the holiday, or whenever and for the weeknight warrior mama’s out there, I hope you can use this when you need an easy win!  And sometimes even the crockpot needs an assist – last night I was late getting home so ditched the home made cottage fries I had planned and did a quick drive thru for some waffle fries.  Vision meets reality and there’s no shame in that.

Crockpot Corned Beef Sliders


  • Beef Brisket (big enough to feed your family)
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Mini Hawaiian Rolls
  • Aged White Cheddar Cheese
  • Spicy Brown or Yellow Mustard


Open and rinse brisket (trimming excess fat), add to crockpot and add enough soda to cover.  Turn on low for 6-8 hours. After cooking drain/remove and slice across the grain.

Build sliders with Hawaiian rolls, mustard, corned beef and cheese and place open faced in the broiler for 1-2 minutes to let cheese melt.  There’s something magical about the sweet rolls and funky cheese that just works. Rejoice, dinner is done!


Erin Kasch

Erin is a Professional. Wife. Mother. She’s driven by her family, friends and a desire to put good out into the world. On the occasion that she has more than a minute to spare between work, momming and meal prep Erin likes to sew, bake and think about what would look great with a coat of chalk paint (she has yet to complete a single project).