Don’t Drive on the Elbow

This weekend, we were driving down the expressway, just a normal Sunday.  The girls were in the back seat being silly, and I listened to them chatter away as I drove.  Car time is just amazing mom time for me sometimes. I learn so much about their classes, their friends, their teachers;I hope that as they get older this is always our chance to connect because I’m learning very quickly from the other moms out there that I have a LOT of car driving in my future!

But back to the car chatter.  

Out of nowhere, my daughter says, “Mom, watch out for the elbow.”

Hmmmmm  …

I assumed that the girls were fighting in the back seat and talking about poking each other with their elbows, or maybe mine was on the center console and they wanted the space.

I asked, “What’s going on with the elbow?”

“You should watch out for it when you drive Mom”, she said.  

I paused and then asked, “Why – What does the elbow have to do with driving?”

“You know, Mom,” she said, as she pointed to the side of the road, “you want to stay off the elbow.”

“Ohhhhhhh–that’s called a shoulder, hon.”, I explained.

Without a second thought she responded, “Well, it’s a body part.  Let’s call it the elbow in our family”

“I like it. It’s our elbow,” I said, unable to keep a huge grin off my face.

Oh, my mommy heart just melted!    Please don’t let them grow up so fast!  These moments make me love their innocent, adorable comments.  I want to bottle up these moments and remember them forever, exactly like I feel them when they’re happening, in that very second.


Share your story with us! What’s the funniest thing you kids have said to you?


Jill Siefert