Flower Walks

My favorite mothers day memories are digging through the dirt with my mom.  Yep the dirt!  Not the spa, not a nice dinner, not a girls day out. We work in the yard. 🙂

Quite a few of my Mother’s days are spent in grubby jeans and a t-shirts.  And that is exactly where I’m happiest! My sister and I make sure to bring perennials so we can talk about they as they grow year after year and we can tell our story over and over again about our mothers days.    My mom has a great eye for landscaping ideas.  Green thumb for sure!  If she’s not planning her own landscaping, she’s bringing up ideas for my sister and I.   

Now, my girls and my niece go on “flower walks” with Grandma.  They wander around the yard (2.5 acres of beauty!) and talk about to the mother’s day memories as they bud in the spring.

I’m happy to say I’m carrying on the tradition.  I’m filling my yard with flowers that will bloom each year as my girls get older!  I plan to be that mom that takes the on “flower walks” too.


Love you Mom!  

Thanks for sharing Busha’s love for flowers with us.  

I am so lucky I can share with with my girls too!


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Jill Siefert