Journeys and Meetings

The journey of life is painful and full of trials but ultimately it’s beautiful. Each encounter is meaningful and provides opportunity. 

I believe that every situation, every encounter and everyone that we meet shapes who we are, who we decide to be and ultimately who we become. There are lessons to be learned and it’s up to us to interpret what that means.   I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter and embrace really really good people in my life (and learned to run fast from those that negate purpose). At each stage in my life, I have always had a friend, neighbor or mentor that either pushed hard or gently nudged me to my next level.   In turn, I have always been transparent in sharing my personal and professional lessons and provided guidance to help those that I’ve had the pleasure to either manage or simply taken under my wing. Personally speaking, these are my people. Professionally speaking, this is our network.  

There is 1,000 year old stone (in Co. Donegal, Ireland) of two people on either side of the Tree of Life that symbolizes the journey of life with its many opportunities and encounters.  I came across this in Ireland about ten years ago and love to give this symbol as a gift to those that impacted my life. To learn more about my inspiration:

Wild Goose Video – Journey and Meetings

Celtic Meaning – Tree of Life

Thank you to all that have shaped my life and my hope is to impact and influence zenful determination to all those around me. Love you!   

Open your mind and heart, and embrace each meeting.   Talk and listen to the people around you. Now go and either take advantage of those around you by either asking for help or offer guidance to those in need. 


Mom will you come upstairs with me, I don’t want to be alone up there.  Ok, coming. (urgh)

My pinky toe hurts.  I need new shoes. Didn’t you just get new shoes? (total BS he does not need shoes)

When is Maddi going to be home?  20 mins. (Why don’t you know / text her?)

Do you know where my baseball mitt is?  I looked everywhere. Did you look in your baseball bag?  No, good idea. (Seriously?!)

Can I use your laptop? No way.  Do you have a keyboard that plugs in? Nope. Dad is watching TV and I want to play Fortnite.  That stinks. (OMG, I don’t care about your video games)

Can Kelly sleepover? Of course.  (I love that girl)



Michelle Arnold