I’ve been writing and rewriting this blog because this does not do justice to how influential and blessed I was to have Kristine as my mother-in-law.  So here it goes …


You were like a daughter coming into my life

When my son married you and you became his wife.  

Your gift of love to me makes me think of you always

As my daughter-in-love to cherish and to praise.

But poetry can’t convey affection deep and real;

Some things there are in life a person has to feel.

I hope you’ve caught the feeling of love these words stand for,

For I’m so proud of you and everything you are.  

This beautiful poem was given to my by my mother-in-law, Kristine at my wedding shower.  It was a genuine gesture that welcomed me into her family and home. Mark and I started dating in high school so we already had a nice relationship but as we prepared to get married we became closer.  She helped with the wedding plans without being intrusive and she and my Mom actually picked out my wedding dress. Life happened and we went on to become the best of friends.

Kris was the dog whisperer, appetizer queen and all around just so much fun.  She was the pickiest eater and yet the greatest cook. She was traditional in a sense of homemaking yet an independent women.  She was crafty and an incredible decorator yet never stressed about having a clean house. She was a disciplinarian yet flexible as times changed.  She loved to tease but couldn’t take a joke. She was mostly conservative in her beliefs yet liberal and accepting of others. Kris was a classic beauty and was always dressed to the nines.  She passed away October 8, 2016. She was one of a kind and I miss her everyday.

Mother-in-laws have a bad rap.  Contrary to the stereotypical mother-in-law, mine was anything but overbearing or difficult.  She was calm, compassionate and funny. I treasure the late nights in Eagle River where we stayed up drinking long after the men and kids went to bed.  She shared stories of her youth and lessons learned as a mother. We shared secrets and I was always comfortable confiding in her even when it was about her son.  I loved her as I love my own mother (who is as equally awesome).

And the bonus is that Kris has a twin sister, Kathy, so I’m lucky enough to have had both in my life. We always joked about me having to put up with not one but two mother-in-laws.  As funny as it is … I’m double lucky to have these ladies in my life.

With Mother’s Day coming, I can’t stop thinking about and missing my friend and mother-in-love, Kris.  I was her Lucy, and she was my Ethel.

Cheers to all the Moms out there … the in-laws and the out-laws.  In the future, I hope that I’m able to break the mold of in-laws and be an in-love to my future sons and daughters.  


Michelle Arnold