My Two Loves, His First Love

I would like to introduce everyone to my wife Sabrina and our baby love, Austin Lee Colsant. My two loves!

My experience as a Dad has been limited of course, but I can say that I have learned so much in the past 10 months. It has forever changed my life in so many amazing ways as I am sure most folks reading this know all too well what I am referring to.

Austin has gone through some tough times already as a 1, 2 and 3 month old as he is allergic to cow’s milk. After feedings he would be extremely aggravated as every time he ate, the inflammation internally would trigger many discomforting cries and sleepless nights. And now that it has been identified and corrected he is back on track and is one of the happiest babies I have ever been around. So thank goodness!

But as we look back beyond the real silver lining of him becoming better, we discovered what truly made and makes him happy and what his true first love has become. It is the happy go lucky, high pitched character we have all come to love. This guy has also become Austin’s first love, and has helped him through many of those discomforting days and nights that he has experienced. I am referring to the wonderful mouse, Mickey! And yes, for those of you who care to know, I too can sing the entire Mickey Mouse Clubhouse anthem! Of which sometimes it truly haunts me, and can be virtually impossible to tune out in the background. But who am I kidding, it also makes me smile.

And that is what leads me to our newest revelation and the reason I am writing to everyone here. We then, with the help of family, have pretty much bombarded Austin with most anything and everything you can think of as it relates to Mickey as you can see from the picture above. From multiple Mickey pajamas, to Mickey bottles, Mickey toys of all capacities, Mickey blankets, Mickey stuffed animals. I could go on and on! All of which are all worth it to watch his face light up as he stares into the eyes of Mr. Mouse!

But then it took a turn! Don’t get me wrong, as I don’t want to scare anyone. The turn is all positive, just a little unique! We have been so excited to watch him LOVE Mickey, and that is and always will be ……his first love.

So we every day almost as a habit, inject Mickey into his life. In front of his face, on his clothes, and all around him just to see that smile. The funny thing is, that smile is still big, but not the same. His first love is starting to be overshadowed by what seems to be his second love, or soon to be second love. And no I am not talking about Ninja Turtles, or Batman. Nor is it Spiderman or Superman!

It’s his love of EMPTY PAPER TOWEL ROLLS!!!


He is now drumming with them, throwing them, smacking them off his head, and having the time of is life with them. We have tried to put Mickey first, and he bypasses the beloved mouse for this new joy! And it makes us smile as much as it does for him, as making him happy is goal #1!

So until the next Elmo, Pluto, or Ninja Turtle love/craze comes forth, it looks like we will also be saving some money on toys!

Have at it Austin!

We love you!


Chris Colsant

My name is Chris Colsant and I am a Sales Professional and Manager with Dealer Inspire (the greatest organization ever). I arrived at Dealer Inspire by way of the past 12 years of my career as a Sales Manager/BDC Manager in the automotive field where I spent countless hours and weekends.....doing what I love! But then my life changed almost a year ago, and my beautiful baby boy Austin Lee arrived and I realized what my true found passion was, and that is being a father! Then before I knew it, a second dream came to me in the form of Dealer Inspire. Here too I'm blessed to still be engulfed in the automotive world that I've come to know and love! I am also blessed and privileged to be surrounded by teammates across a multitude of departments that constantly "wow" me in their depth of knowledge and individual skillsets. I am truly living a dream between my wife and son, and the newfound passion I have to always be the best version of myself with this amazing organization!