Pimp My Loft

If you’re not familiar with MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” tv series, you’re probably a little thrown off by my blog title, so let me fill you in. According to Google, Pimp My Ride is a tv show in which “A resourceful team of experts takes car customizing to a completely different level by taking some of the sorriest vehicles on the road and turning them into impressive new rides.”

So on that same note, I need all the help I can get from experts like you to make use of my loft. Let me tell you what you’re working with and give you a few visuals. I’d love to see your creativity, so please do more than write text in comments with your ideas. I’m a visual person and I bet other readers will benefit from seeing your ideas too, so please go as all out as you’d like with screenshots, images, links to Pinterest, Target, etc. PIMP MY LOFT!

Now, if you have an idea but don’t feel like an expert, listen up. You ARE more of an expert than me and I NEED YOU! Today, the 6 foot by 3 1/2 foot loft is furnished with a round navy blue dorm chair I bought for my first apartment in 2000. You can do better than that. I know it.


  1. So it’s not all about ‘being cute’; this space needs to have some practical use. My circus, um I mean, family, has much too much stuff and the loft is going to turn into storage if we don’t do something fast!
  2. What we do with the space has to fit in with my/our style and not look like an alien landed in this spot and decorated. We need some kind of flow with the rest of the house. I don’t know how to describe my/our style other than to say I am a minimalist (my family is not). I prefer very few things out e.g. counters would be nearly empty if it were up to me. Everything should have a place or function. I don’t buy “decor” or chochkis (holy shit how do you spell that word?) I looked it up. It’s “tchotchke”. I digress…
  3. I like modern looking things, clean lines, symmetry, masculine/aggressive looking things as opposed to dainty and round, I guess? I like cool colors, especially blues, blacks and grays but can also enjoy a neutral pallet, or bold colors like hot pink, purple or lime green. So that probably means I not typically drawn to anything pastel-like or fall-like/warm colors. The space has cream colored walls (not too creamy; it looks more white than brown) and oak (ew!) trim/banister.
  4. The loft doesn’t have much wall space. The long parts of the space are an oak banister and a large square window that looks into part of our backyard. The window faces south (if that matters) and this little space gets pretty warm when the sun is out. You enter the loft from my bedroom, and opposite that door is a wall that you could do something with.
  5. You can view the loft from my bedroom, of course, but also from the hall at the top of the stairs and while you’re approaching the staircase on the first floor. Refer to pictures at the top of this page.

Please please please please please please please help!



Katie Helgesen

Katie Helgesen is the Senior Director of Business Intelligence at Dealer Inspire, a fast-growing and award winning technology company near Chicago. Katie and her husband, Todd, have 4 awesome kids and love living in a small community centered on a lake in northwest Indiana. Baseball, t-ball, and soccer schedules are just a few pieces of Katie’s Mom Hustle. Her daydreams revolve around finding more “me time” and traveling. In real life, Katie keeps herself sane with naps, Netflix and eating out as often as she can.