Are You A Rule Follower or a Rule Breaker?

Laws, rules, norms, they’re all synonymous to things you have to do or things you can’t do; or things you should do or things you shouldn’t do. How you may feel about laws may be different than how you feel about norms. While rules are usually put in place for a reason, whether or not you value the benefit of the rule vs the inconvenience of following the rule is usually the determining factor in whether you’re a rule follower or breaker. I don’t have much to say this week; but rather have a lot of random thoughts, so I thought I’d crowdsource this topic with my family.

In general, Todd, Oscar and I consider ourselves to be rule followers. When I think of the rules that I value, the rules that mean something to me, I’d say:

  • Keep your word. If you say something; try everything in your power to not have to go back on it.
  • Pick up after yourself and put things back where you found them.
  • Enter data into your company’s information systems the way you are supposed to. #dataintegrity is everything.

When prompted individually, to share the rule you feel everyone should follow, here’s how my fam responded.

Todd: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
Todd: Do NOT drink and drive.
Oscar: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
Oscar: Put 110% effort into everything you do.
Mikey: Don’t punch.
Scarlett: Don’t bite.

In terms of rules I truly despise, I’d say:

  • Having to come to a complete stop at stop signs when no one else is around.
  • Driving below the speed limit.

Which rules really bother my loved ones?

Todd: The fact that the government prevents people who are terminally ill from ending their life on their terms.
Oscar: The new rule at school this year that says we can’t bring our backpacks into the classroom.
Oscar: The food/drink restrictions in some classrooms.
Mikey: Friends can take your turn on the iPad when you go to the bathroom.
Scarlett: Brushing hair.

Chime in y’all. What rules would you make mandatory if you were in charge? Which rules do you think we should get rid of?

Featured photo courtesy of Pexels.


Katie Helgesen

Katie Helgesen is the Senior Director of Business Intelligence at Dealer Inspire, a fast-growing and award winning technology company near Chicago. Katie and her husband, Todd, have 4 awesome kids and love living in a small community centered on a lake in northwest Indiana. Baseball, t-ball, and soccer schedules are just a few pieces of Katie’s Mom Hustle. Her daydreams revolve around finding more “me time” and traveling. In real life, Katie keeps herself sane with naps, Netflix and eating out as often as she can.