Breathe Momma! Just breathe!

The roller coaster of these days is enough to truly give a Mom whiplash! I’m up, up, up! I’m down, down, down! It’s go, go, go. It’s run, run, run!

One minute I am flying high because of a win one of my kids had or a wonderful feeling of accomplishment at work. The next I am sinking in the quicksand of these schedules, mom mode and being the law in this house. Two teenagers, hormones, emotions, my own daily challenges and their independence.

Today, I needed a reminder and a pretty picture. Breathe. This too shall pass. Off I go to Pinterest to pick myself back up, read something positive and change my attitude!

I have one kid in high school and one in middle school. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, we haven’t even hit the surface of the hard stuff yet!

But right now, my middle is giving me a run for my money. Whew! And my husband reminds me all the time, “He is all you”. OMG. Like I need to hear that. I know! I know! He is all me! Zero to 60 and a hot head to boot!

On this Wednesday, I am giving myself a break. There is no rule book for all of this and I can honestly say I am trying to do the best I can. I keep reminding myself that consistency, structure and love will get us through this. Being consistent is the hardest thing. That means I have to not let the other things that happen to me in a day impact how I react to him. I am having to be tough. I am showing him some tough love and trying to get him back on track. I realize as I write that, that my standards are high and being on track means walking my line. LOL.

But all joking aside, all I want is for him to try his hardest and be all that he can be.

And I am going to love him through it. I am his Momma! And I love him more than anything on this planet.

So Momma’s here is our mantra, breathe, just breathe!




Nicolle Lamb

Nicolle Lamb, CEO/Founder of Lane Marketing. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, Nicolle took a leap of faith and started her own company in 2020. She is doing amazing work helping her clients ensure their advertising budgets are spent wisely! She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with 3 amazing kids, one awesome dog, and a wonderful husband. Baseball, Fastpitch, and Volleyball schedules are just a few pieces of Nicolle’s Mom Hustle. Spring tests her sanity every year due to these sports schedules. She enjoys decorating, DIY projects, pretending to be a runner, reading, and spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and her dog.