Who is Picking This Curriculum?

I picked up my daughter from practice tonight and she asked how my day was. I could barely squeak it out through the tears. It’s been a tough couple weeks for a multitude of reasons and quite frankly, I am pretending to hold it together. This week is an emotional week for me.

It makes me feel so good to bring gift packages to the heart babies as a celebration of my son’s Heartiversary, but it is also difficult to revisit some of these moments and memories.

I had a million errands to run tonight. I had to get the rest of the materials for Socks for Surgery which is Friday. And now I needed to pick up a book my daughter needed for school from Barnes and Noble. My husband took my daughter to practice, it was moved up to 5:30 and the only way I was going to swing that was to leave at 4:15 and our team meeting was today. It usually goes at least an hour. And today it ran even a little longer. So hubby to the rescue. He was able to drop her off and then get the boys to their practices.

It’s a divide and conquer kind of life we are living. So when my daughter asked me how my day was, well, I told her it was a tough one. Sometimes the struggles are more internal than external and we all have so much going on. While at Barnes and Nobles I browsed through the bargain section and I found a book called Quotes That Will Change Your Life. This is where I turn when I am down. Reading uplifting things and setting your mind straight is so important.

That’s what brings me to my main blog topic, the curriculum in our high schools. My daughter shared with me how difficult it is to get through the reading materials in her honors english class. She is in the 10th grade and she started to tell me some of the stories they have been required to read. Her point was that everything had a very dark twist to it and there was no happiness. We had an open dialog about kids today and how they are so depressed and she shared that she thinks this curriculum is adding to the stress of being a teenager and that everything in the world is doom and gloom.

It made me so sad. On the one hand we are raising our children up and telling them they can conquer the world and be all that they can be. And on the other hand, we are filling their minds with books about suicide, unhappy marriages, divorces, murders and the list went on. She said that just once she would love to read a book that was uplifting and happy. And that she hasn’t been given that chance yet.

So, who the heck is making up this curriculum? She said that she spends the rest of the day thinking about the tragic things she read about that day. And my heart broke listening to her!

She is definitely an old soul in a young body. When I went in her room to give her a kiss goodnight, I was overjoyed to see all of the inspirational quotes all over her walls. She is taking a page out of my new book!



Nicolle Lamb

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