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A Lil Pop of Color!

Trends come and go and nothing says you’re staying with the times like sporting the latest and greatest. But, don’t let it break your bank! Accessorizing is the name of the game! But first, a quick story! I just boarded a plane back to Chicago. That’s why my Wednesday blog is so late in the day. I just got home. Hustle Momma, Hustle! I was in Napa for an Automotive Conference. I work in the Automotive Industry and it was a great 3 days of …

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Expect the Unexpected!

The unexpected, it’s the only thing that is for certain! Hustle mom hustle! Some days certainly require more ingenuity than others.  Curve balls and unexpected moments that we have to bob and weave through happen all the time. How do we do it all? I’m not sure. We just do! Last week I was in Las Vegas for our national conference. It was the largest conference in my field. The big one. All hands on deck. The whole shebang! I got home late Sunday, exhausted. …