Wring Out Your Sponge

Let Your Glitter Shine Through!

An excerpt from: Wring out your sponge. There is a metaphor for life. It’s often been said that we are sponges to the things that are around us in our daily life and the people that are closest to us. You absorb what’s around you. You’re a sponge. But you also have choices! You can wring some of it out so you don’t absorb it! What do you do with the days that are more like spilled milk than glitter? Wring them out! Treat the …


On to the Next One and Unforgettable Lessons

When I’m in the car by myself, it’s usually silent. When I get tired of the silence I either switch to XM, an audiobook, Pandora, or YouTube. It all depends what kind of mood I’m in and how long I’ll be in the car. Every Tuesday, I commute to the office which is about an hour and a half drive after I drop the kids off at daycare. Side note, we listen to Pandora “Toddler Tunes” channel on our way to the kids’ school. Once …



Recent events, personally, professionally and socially and how we have responded as a collective society has made me think, “what the F$^*! Is wrong with us?”   Everyone needs to to their homework and mind their own business. Respect for one another is what we are missing. Everyone seems to be up in arms fighting the good fight about issues that they truly don’t understand.  I respect the friends that hear out both sides and gather facts before coming to their own conclusion. The political climate …