Recent events, personally, professionally and socially and how we have responded as a collective society has made me think, “what the F$^*! Is wrong with us?”   Everyone needs to to their homework and mind their own business. Respect for one another is what we are missing.

Everyone seems to be up in arms fighting the good fight about issues that they truly don’t understand.  I respect the friends that hear out both sides and gather facts before coming to their own conclusion. The political climate here in Chicago with the Van Dyke Trial and at a National level with the Kavanaugh situation is heated to say the least and has brought out the worst in all of us.  You see, I sincerely feel for both sides of every issue and just want us all to get along. Jesus Christ, we are all in this together, only have one shot at this life (unless you believe in reincarnation which is super intriguing) and to need focus on fixing what is broken.

So first, vote and second, be kind.  If you don’t vote, you have zero input in my opinion.  Here is an idea, how about if you want to practice freedom of speech by marching or shutting down major highways, you need to show your voter registration card and provide three facts on why you are there.  Say it LOUD and say it PROUD, voice your opinion but show your card to get into the rally. I’m serious. Again, I’m neutral (just like my home country Ireland) and I pride myself in remaining moderate but we need do things the right way.  And I worry about the greater good, the safety of my family and how we are going to leave this world to the future generations. The Arnold way is to leave things better than you found it. That is my intent.

And being kind, is pretty simple.  Just be nice.

I’m solution focused, don’t like to dwell on problems and stick to the facts to make quick and fair decisions. I’m always up for an intelligent conversation and willing to hear all sides of a situation.  

A good friend of ours, introduced me to Ayn Rand.  She is a philosopher born in 1908 and passed away in 1982.  She called her philosophy “Objectivism”, but informally she called it “a philosophy for living on earth.”   There are four ideas: Reality, Reason, Self Interest and Capitalism. My novice takeaway: I’ll take care of me and you take care of you.  As I become, a better me then I’ll be able to help you, be a better you When making decisions, remove emotion, stick to the facts, what you do is your business, and I’ll mind my own business but always question authority.

Check out this brief overview:  INTRODUCTION


Look forward to your comments and take on this ideology.  It’s said to be controversial and viewed as being selfish but from my basic understanding it seems ideal.  And the fact that a woman created this concept is an added bonus. Peace. 



Michelle Arnold