Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!  It is important that we all take responsibility and do our part today and everyday.  It’s also a good reason to get the kids to clean-up the yard! 

I have been active in organizing recycling efforts and educating our school community for the past seven years.  It’s gratifying to organize efforts that help our environment, and I’m always up to working with other parents and making new friends.   It’s amazing what we can accomplish coming together and sharing our time, treasures and talents. Working full time this is designed with activities that I can mostly do ahead of time or before work.  I’m also very grateful to work at Dealer Inspire , a company that is supportive, flexible and offers volunteer time off.  

I’m always looking for new ideas to bring to the St. Thecla School  to enrich our children’s educational experience so thought I’d share my plans so you can gather ideas.  

Monday: Be a Recycler! Donate gently used school uniforms, sports gear and gym shoes (adult or children).  Donations will be accepted at drop off (8 – 8:30 a.m.) at front entrance. This is before business hours so I can be there to collect the items.

      Sports equipment will be donated to The Sports Shed

      Gym shoes will be donated to Share Your Soles

      School uniforms which will be available for resale.  Funds raised will be used for future outdoor play area.

I like the idea of being able to give to those less fortunate while helping the environment.  

Tuesday:  Be a Reader!  Fr. Gene will bless and dedicate the Little Library in Mrs. Russo’s memory. Children will add books from each classroom.   

Each year we make a donation to enhance our outdoor reading garden that was created to honor our beloved Mrs. Russo’s memory.  She was a well respected kindergarten teacher and friend that passed away suddenly. My three older kids had Mrs. Russo, and Jeffrey was in her class when she went to heaven.  

Wednesday: Be Active!   Students asked to walk or bike to school. Classrooms encouraged to take a walk during the school day and place Kindness Rocks throughout parish grounds. The kindness rocks were created during a previous enrichment day, and now that the weather is nicer we can finally get them outside.  Families encouraged to head outdoors and stay active after school.  We offered ideas for after school activities and encouraged parents to picture of your family staying active in the neighborhood.

Thursday; Be Energy Efficient!  Screen free and lights out.  St. Thecla will be lights out at some point during the day and will use minimal electricity to promote being energy efficient. Families encouraged to continue this effort at home by remaining screen free.  We all know that this will be tough for us and the kids!  

Friday:  Be Informed! Students will learn more about our world while viewing a Disney Nature Movie and enjoying a healthy snack.  Join us after school for a gently used uniform sale after school. I’m still figuring out the movie and where to get the snack.  In my hustle mom hustle world, there is plenty of time to get that sorted out!   The school administration shows the movie and passes out the snack, so I just need to drop it off or have it delivered. 

This year FSA will donate recess and gym equipment.   In the past we have planted trees, donated a bench, cleaned and planted on the school’s grounds.  We have recycled glasses, electronics, crayons and books. We also had a bike helmet sale, bike safety lessons, yoga and healthy cooking classes.  We have screen most of DisneyNature movies, Wall-E and The Lorax.

I usually look for ideas on Pinterest and also reach out to my girlfriend in the fancy burbs to see what her kid’s school.  What have you or your community done? I’d love to hear new ideas!


Michelle Arnold