Happy Easter!

The bunny has come, mass attended, the golden egg has been found, brunch was success, now the ham is in the oven for dinner and friends are here to make prank calls (it is April fools day).  My brother and his beautiful family were here today, and it was perfect!

Today it was so nice to slow down to reflect and spend quiet time with family.  It’s amazing how we grow old and take on so many different roles of being a wife, mom, friend, manager, coach, mentor, colleague, etc.  At the beginning we were simply sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. I think my favorite and easiest role ever is simply being a little sister.  You hear about siblings fighting but that was never the case with me and my big brother, Eamon. He was always so kind and thoughtful. He always reminds me of our innocent childhood memories of painting Easter eggs or me acting like bunny, and is so good at sharing these  memories with our kids. I cherish time spent with my brother and his family. And he’s given me the gift of being a sister to his wife and aunt to his children.  

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday, be it Easter or Passover.  Lots of love from the Arnold house!

“Jesus made Himself like a the grain of wheat that falls to the ground and dies to give life.  Our hope springs from that love-filled life.” – Pope Francis



Michelle Arnold