Mom insomnia.

Do you have that moment when you lie down at night fully exhausted and your brain seems to turn back on at twice the normal speed?

If I was out there reading this – I’d be jumping up and down raising my hand Yes! Me! Me! Me!

When I go to bed I fall into a consistent pattern every night. I’m mentally listing all the things that did not get done today that need to be on the list tomorrow. And then visualizing the schedule. Ok, how do i fit in that pickup between those meetings? What will the kids eat for lunch? Shoot. Did I get food? Nope. Ok. Add grocery shop to the list. Maybe I can squeeze that in at lunchtime. Fingers crossed no one tries to plan a meeting into that lunch break. And I hope the kids are making friends at camp. What if they aren’t?


It’s insane! I just want to sleep!

I do all the things that are supposed to help.

I eat dinner early enough.

I work out so i’m physically exhausted.

I keep the pad of paper next to my bed so I can write down the things and get them out of my head.

I stop working a few hours before bed (normally).

I cuddle with my kids and read them stories.

I read.

Oh yea and then there is the turn off the screens thing before bed. That I’m not so great at. But c’mon we all have to catch up on the facebook feeds of the day. Right?

And when I lie down. I stare at the ceiling fan. I have that fan memorized! The lights, the blades, the metal fasteners. I look at that thing and my mind just goes and goes and goes and plans the next day until I finally wear myself out enough to fall asleep.

I don’t have a solution. It’s hard for me to admit when I don’t have a solution. Vulnerability isn’t my thing.

My next attempt is going to be a sound machine or music. And along with that I’m going to change my mindset and think about all the things I DID do today. Because there are about a million of those. One thing for sure is that mom life sure isn’t boring!

Good night friends. Sweet Dreams!

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Jill Siefert