Make Time to See Your Girlfriends

It’s the weekend!  It definitely doesn’t mean what it used to.  For us, it was sleeping in, making breakfast and settling in on the porch or in front of the TV with a second cup of morning coffee.  Depending on the season, I’m sure a lot of mama’s have full schedules with sports, parties and other places they (and the kids) need to be.

I got a text on Friday from an old college friend that I rarely hear from about a ska music reference that set him on the course of listening to Aquabats, Suburban Legends and a bunch of other old music.  Nostalgia was high and we had a bit of back and forth about our kids and how with them our lives are no longer our own, and that we’re definitely ok with it.

Friendships used to be so easy.  Bonds formed based similar circumstances, like interests, proximity – whatever. At different points in our lives we develop relationships with people based on all kinds of things and as we grow up and circumstances change, some of those friendships fall away.  Maintaining the relationship is work and effort and sometimes we let our schedules excuse us from a text, email or call to stay up-to-date. Sometimes it feels almost as though too much time has passed.

It hasn’t.

My freshman year of college I lived in a TINY dorm room.  A pie shaped room on the sixth floor of a 1960s building with no air conditioning. It was in that building, mostly on that floor, that I met the crew, a group of girlfriends I’m still a part of 15 years later.  It was easy. Over time we lived in different buildings and had different roommates and four years came and went. We started an email chain to keep in touch and despite now also having a group on Snapchat (which I’m terrible at) that email is still going strong 11 years post graduation.  Some weeks its radio silence. Others its 10 responses deep. Over the years the content has evolved from parties, to dating, pets, marriage and kids. We don’t have proximity, similar circumstances or in some cases even like interests anymore – but we have each other.

We try to get together as often as our schedules allow, but it’s not easy.  Some live too far, others lead hectic lives, but when our schedules align, even for a few of us, it’s always amazing.  The conversation is constant, the stories (new and old) are plentiful and I always leave a little lighter than I arrived.

If you haven’t seen your crew in a while, make the time.  Our schedules may be hectic and our plates full, but reconnecting with friends in person can be the ultimate recharge.


Erin Kasch

Erin is a Professional. Wife. Mother. She’s driven by her family, friends and a desire to put good out into the world. On the occasion that she has more than a minute to spare between work, momming and meal prep Erin likes to sew, bake and think about what would look great with a coat of chalk paint (she has yet to complete a single project).