Monkey Brain

Do you ever have that moment when you can completely shut down your brain and relax? I envy you if you do! I bet most people reading feel the same. We have so many triggers in life! This year I plan to train my monkey brain to settle and focus and also be more mindful of what I’m doing throughout my days.

So we are a week into 2019 and my Train the Monkey Brain Plan is …

Yep – that is exactly where I left off. My monkey brain kicked in. I read a few emails, clicked on a link that reminded me I needed to add something to my grocery list, realized I was hungry, got a snack, let the dog out, walked back to my laptop, picked up the book I got from the library, started reading, eventually got back to my laptop and wondered what I was doing.

That is me. ALL THE TIME!

Recently, my trusty HMH girls started planning to run a race together and my brain focused. I got REALLY excited to run with people again. I love love love cheering people on and working together as a team.

So I offered to write us a training plan. Now granted the race is 15 weeks from now and that’s a bit intense for a 5K Training plan! I’ll back up a few steps, settle down and get this plan in place for us so we can ease into it and make it the fun adventure it should be!

And funny how this works… my monkey brain was completely gone. I found a really clear focus for a long time.

So next blog, we will try again. Stay tuned for Monkey Brain 2.0!


Jill Siefert