Oh Oprah! Yes!

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I just finished writing a memoir of my life. It was something that I knew I would do someday. And I am not sure if I can explain it fully, but it just started flowing out of me when my mom passed away a little over a year ago.  And since that moment, I have been watching the little signals and signs that I am on the right path. Do you ever feel those signals around you? Have you ever had those moments where you felt that you were following a path you were meant to follow?

That is the journey I am on right now. I am opening up my soul to a journey I have always felt was meant for me. I believe, the main point of the journey is to connect with others. It may be as few as one single person. But that one single person will mean so very much to me. If I can inspire one person to push themselves to live a life they were never shown, to dream bigger than they’ve ever known, to be all they can be, then I will have fulfilled something larger than myself.

I believe we are here to inspire each other. I am so inspired by those around me and in awe of what these amazing people are doing each day! Some days it is the simple acts of kindness that warm my heart and make me proud of those around me and sometimes it is the larger more obvious acts of selflessness. But I believe we all have a mission in this life. We all have a destiny that we were meant to fulfill. And I also don’t think it is the simple road ahead that pushes us to fulfill our destiny. It is actually pushing ourselves to follow those things that stretch us. It’s pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be! Be who we were meant to be!

So, when I saw this interview with Oprah, I said “Yes!”. Yes, we need to stop looking around and judging and blaming. We need to find our compassion for people who have gone through the unimaginable. Do you know that the unimaginable happens to children, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know we don’t like to spend our time thinking that and it is much easier to block that part of life out. Or pretend that it simply doesn’t exist. But so many people are suffering and we need to stop asking “What’s wrong with them?” and truly start asking “What happened to them?”. Oprah makes a very good point here. We aren’t saying this to create an excuse for violence or bad behavior. But if we could just ask them what happened and show them compassion, we can begin to change the cycle. And maybe we can stop these acts of violence. Why are the acts of violence like this most recent school shooting at Santa Fe High School happening? What happened to these children? What is happening to our children? And is there a way we can make a difference? Can we change the cycle? Change history?

Kelly Clarkson (My girl crush!) hosted the Billboard Music Awards. She said they asked her to open with a moment of silence. But she actually asked us for a “Moment of Action”. I am telling you, we need to open ourselves up to ACTION! Open ourselves up to caring about what is happening to our children! And what can we do to make it better.

I will leave you with one thought. One person can truly make the difference. One person! We are inspired when we hear stories of that teacher that made the difference, that counselor that made the difference, that coach that made the difference. Guess what, YOU can make a difference!


The image is in honor of my good friend Ben Cravy. He passed away this week. He loved Rumi. Ben was an artist and a poet. He loved the written word and all that it could become and elicit. He will be missed by so many. Wishing you peace in Heaven my dear friend.



Nicolle Lamb

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