School’s out for Summer!

How did this happen?  

Summer is here!

It seems like yesterday morning that I was walking the girls to their first day of school this year.  They skipped their way down the sidewalk so excited to meet new friends and teachers! The energy around the school was contagious.  My girls soaked it all up and gave me hugs and smiles and were on their way! Of course they had some new school nerves and jitters, but we spent weeks talking about how much fun it was going to be so they were prepped and ready to go.  

Wow – Just reliving the day and writing about it stirs up all the emotions all over again.  Sunglasses – very dark, big sunglasses – are key for mom dropping off their kids for a new school year.  Especially when my baby was headed to Kindergarten! The flood of emotions were raw and I hit every emotional proud mama bear high and also every worry as I walked away.  How did they grow up so fast? I’m so proud of her! They are  going to do great! What if they doesn’t make friends right away? They are going to be so happy with new friends and classroom!  

And now, as we approach the last day of school I feel a new wave of emotions headed my way.  Summer is coming! Planning beach trips! How am I going to keep them entertained all summer?  Relaxing nights & Grilling! Is the schedule set? Bike Rides for ice cream! Will they miss their friends? No lunches to pack for months!  

Reflecting this week on what my girls have accomplished in one school year and how much they have grown just blows my mind!  My Kindergartener is reading like a champ! My second grader has developed a confidence that makes my heart happy. They are both walking away with amazing memories of great teachers and friends. 🙂

As the last day of school approaches I have my sunglasses packed and ready to go just in case a wave of new emotions hits me again.

Summer – here we come!  



Jill Siefert