On the Run

I wasn’t able to post last Wednesday. It was my first Wednesday that I missed since we have started our blog and it really hit me hard. My hustle got so real that I just didn’t have the time to add one more thing to it and the blog suffered. I was so hard on myself for missing my day, but in the end, in the grand scheme of things, did it really matter?

It really made me think this week about all of the pressure we put on ourselves. I pride myself on giving everything my all, but some days, something has to give. And that day, it was my blog. And that’s okay.

It is a reminder that life is so crazy and we have to keep a good perspective. In 48 hours I flew from O’hare to Seattle, from Seattle to Pasco, WA, drove another 45 minutes to Walla Walla, WA for a client meeting and by 11:00 the next morning I was making the same trek back to O’hare. Whew, it felt a little like planes, trains and automobiles. (Great movie, BTW)

I opened up my computer a few times to try to write something inspirational or profound and I had nothing. The brain bank was empty.

It felt great to just give myself that break. And to refocus my energy. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to have those moments. I am sharing it this week because I have thought about it so many times in the last week. And I am sure many of you have a similar situation or experience.

We are everything and all things, all of the time. Sometimes we have to let our brains have a brain break!

Cheers Mommas! Get a glass of wine, pat yourself on the back for being amazing and relax it out!


Nicolle Lamb

Nicolle Lamb, CEO/Founder of Lane Marketing. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, Nicolle took a leap of faith and started her own company in 2020. She is doing amazing work helping her clients ensure their advertising budgets are spent wisely! She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with 3 amazing kids, one awesome dog, and a wonderful husband. Baseball, Fastpitch, and Volleyball schedules are just a few pieces of Nicolle’s Mom Hustle. Spring tests her sanity every year due to these sports schedules. She enjoys decorating, DIY projects, pretending to be a runner, reading, and spending time with her husband, 3 kids, and her dog.