Resilience is what keeps me going every morning. I’ve been knocked down. Sometimes it’s something small, sometimes it’s a huge slap in the face, but every single time I use that energy and redirect it to something that can help me move forward.

I’ve had college professors tell me to move on to something else because it wasn’t a good fit. Challenge accepted! Graduated with that Computer Science degree and had a job lined up when I walked across the stage.

I’ve had people tell me I can’t get it done and that lights some fire under me. Watch me!

I’ve heard that I have physical attributes that will help me success…. Well shoot. That’s nice, but what about my brain and my skills?

I’ve had project pulled from under me after putting a year of work in. A full year of work. Poof! Gone! It felt like my days and hours spent on the project had zero impact.

Use those moments when you are knocked down and get back up again. Throw your shoulders backs, put on those heels and walk into that room like you own it. Because you do! You have a perfectly blended set of skills and assets. That makes you YOU!



Jill Siefert