Taking Life in Strides

My cousin sent me a Rachel Hollis post today and said “You are good at this. Taking life in strides”

What a beautiful compliment. It really brightened my day and was definitely put right into my #glitter bucket! 

I watched Rachel’s vlog post. It was a great message. She’s amazing. She was talking about  “How we take a hill when we are running and how it correlates to how we live life.” Rachel is a runner. I admire that about her. I try to be a runner, but I can’t claim that title yet. But the general idea is that when you hit a hill on a run, how do you take it? Do you stop? Do you talk yourself out of the rest of your run because it’s too hard? What does your mind do with the hill and the ache in your legs as you try to make your way up it? 

I love things like this that really make you think! 

And here is my message back to my cousin. 

“Thank you for your compliment on Rachel’s message! I think she’s great. Reminders are needed everyday in this life. I can get it right today and fall completely off tomorrow. Learning to give myself some grace, trust in all that I’ve overcome so far, and find the good in each day! #glitter! Framing the mindset isn’t just one day…. and then you have it and you’re done. It’s daily practice of your intentions and focusing on who you want to be. Perfection is not a thing and not the goal! Happiness is the thing and the goal! And happiness is 100% perception. So it’s up to us to make it a reality through intention and purpose. And when I am lost, I find if I turn and give…. I become found. I love you. Treasure your beautiful spirit in my life. Your laughter and energy is one of my joys! Hugs! Love and cannot wait to see you!!!!! Xoxo ?”

It Really Got Me Thinking

I am officially in my upper 40s! Just turned 46 last November and I can tell you something happens. I keep hearing it and it is actually making me look forward to turning the BIG 5 0!!!! It’s the physical signs of aging that I think we are all scared of and looking in that mirror some days is a bit daunting. But what about the signs of aging that are not physical? What about the signs of aging that are inside us and now becoming part of our personality? I am really starting to focus on some of those and I have to say, rejoice in them. I am learning for the very first time in my life to give myself a little grace. I say it often these days as a reminder that I need to keep doing it. We are hardest on ourselves and hearing people like Oprah and JLo talk about loving ourselves first is really resonating with me these days. If you didn’t see the Oprah and JLo FB live, I highly recommend it. (link is below) It left a lasting impression! 

Here is my journal entry I wrote while I was watching it. I didn’t edit this, I wanted you to see it as I wrote it in that moment. 

Oprah & JLo- 

40’s and 50’s are IT! 

  • I’m not loving myself enough
  • We were raised to think if I take care of everyone else I’m a good person. We put ourselves last. 
  • Come to a place now – 40s and 50s are IT. It doesn’t even start to make sense until you hit 40. It’s just beginning! It’s true! So true! 
  • Most comfortable and most powerful at 50! I’m on my way! 

Louise Hay – look her up

  • You want someone who wants the best for you 
  • And sees more in you than you actually see in yourself
  • Your thoughts create your life! Jennifer Lopez, “You have to force yourself to think positive things.” Yes, I’ve been saying this for years! I believe in this with my whole core! 
  • Affirmation – I am open and accepting of all the beautiful things the world has to offer
  • I love myself
  • I have my health
  • I am enough
  • Limitless – JLo tour. There really are no limits. The only limits are the ones you create in your mind. We say sky is the limit! Sky is not the limit! 

It was amazing. Watch it if you can.

Daily Reminders are Key

Making a mindset takes work. Making it a part of who you are takes habits. How you start each day is so important. Do you wake up with anxiety? Do you rush right to the enormous “to do” list? I think anyone that knows me knows I get shit done! But that is not how I start my day. I start my day with positivity. I feed my brain joy and goodness for breakfast. Sounds crazy and maybe to some it may even sound corny. But I can tell you it works. Feeding your brain in the morning first thing when you get up can impact your entire day. I remind myself all the time that I have to live life with daily intentions. That framing my mindset is a daily practice. What I focus my mind on will be! And it starts with ME!

Here’s the Ultimate To Do List

  • Read something positive first thing every morning. I go to Pinterest and because Pinterest has an amazing algorithm, guess what, it gives me everything I need without even having to search! My original searches were inspirational quotes, motivation and glitter 🙂
  • From there, form your intentions and focus on what you want from today, this week, this month, this year… Whatever you are feeling, let it in. I often times find myself writing this stuff down. It’s usually my best thoughts for the day!
  • Give yourself some grace! This one I am learning gradually. This is what was missing for me and I am still working on daily.
  • Remind yourself, “Perfection is not a thing and not the goal!”
  • Focus your energy on, “Happiness is the thing and the goal!”
  • Remember that happiness is 100% perception. So it’s up to us to make it a reality through intention and purpose. 
  • And my most important is a reminder that when I feel more lost, I find a way to give to someone else and I can tell you it is always my ultimate way to be FOUND! 

Glitter to you all! Make sure you keep track of all the glitter people send to you so you can reread it on the days you need it most! COCO LIFE TIP!!!!! I keep a notes section on my phone labeled #glitter and It’s where I put messages like the one I received from my cousin above. Because you don’t know what tomorrow brings. You don’t know what may hit that may rock your world and you will need these encouraging messages #glitter to bring you through your darkest days! 

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Nicolle Lamb

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