Your Own Story

Can you remember the moments when the tiniest moment or activity triggered an emotion buried so deeply in your that you thought it was hidden forever?  

When this happens to me, It’s ALWAYS unexpected.   Sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me smile.   I always wonder if the people around me understand what my heart is feeling at that moment.  

The truth is they don’t know my story.  They don’t understand why that moment I’m short with my words or distracted. They won’t know why I’m floating on a cloud in blissful happiness some days and can take on any challenge put in front of me

How about the others in your life?  Take a step back, look around the emotion, look at the person. Happiness, sadness, hurt, pain, infertility, loss, addiction, love, anger, betrayal, anxiety.  What is their story? How did they get here? What happened in their life that morning? On that last phone call? The past weekend?

My story is filled with up and downs, love and hurt, and more than anything growth.  I have grow so much emotionally. Through the growth I am so happy to be able to recognize that each and every one of us has a story.  A story no one else knows.

Today I’m writing this as a reminder for all of us.  The moms of the world, the people who want to be moms, the ones that don’t want to be moms, the spouses of the mom, the sisters and friends.  All of us.

It’s time we are all more considerate to each others stories.  Slow down a bit and listen and empathize.

The person on your right may be  hitting the top of their mountain,  the highest point in their story while the the person on your left may be smiling just as wide. Laughing just as loud.    Are they at the top of their mountain or deep in a valley and covering it up for the outside world?

Be patient with those around us.  Be open and available. Sometimes you are the person they need to talk to that day.   Be kind, be patient, be thoughtful and loving.

You may never know it.  You may be a turning point in someone else’s story.  


Jill Siefert