First, Happy New Year!  I can not believe we have entered a new decade and its 2020!  And, yes, it is a new decade; I am sorry but if you’re one of the assholes that feel like the new decade doesn’t start until 2021 then we can’t be friends.  This year feels even that much more significant to me because I graduated high school in 2000; the year of Vitamin C graduation song. It is really causing some even harder reflection of where I am right now and where I want to go.  I think overall the biggest New Year’s Resolution I have made for myself is to ask! Ask for help, ask for what I want, ask for what I need!

Come on this journey with me friends, and just to be extra this morning I even made the word “ask” an acronym for what I need to remind myself everyday.

A – Advocate.  You need to be an advocate for yourself.  I see this every day at work, sports events for my kids, and even with my family; people complaining about what everyone else is getting and what they are not.  I challenge you in that moment to stop and question if you asked for what the person you are envying has. I need to realize this, and I think most people out there do too, you are not just handed something.  Most people are not just given a promotion, they raise their hand when a position becomes available. Don’t throw yourself a pity party, march in your advocate parade.  

S – Scream/Shout.  Take this as literally as you need to but I am challenging myself to not be a quiet mouse.  I will tell you when I am working around the house, and Rick walks by me and asks, “do you need help with that?” 9 times out of 10 I will say, “No, I got it”  WHY! I want to grab myself and shake me a little and scream – TAKE THE HELP! I’m not doing myself any favors by always saying no, because pretty soon I will stop getting the help offered.  Say yes when it is offered, and ask confidently when it is not. I promise you will feel so much better with your friends, colleagues, spouse, and your kids when you ask and they help.

K – Know.  I need to KNOW I am amazing, and you do too!  Know your worth, know what you are striving for, and know that I believe in you!  (I am saying this into the mirror right now Stuart Smalley style.) This also goes hand in hand with confidence in yourself and abilities.  Sometimes we view asking for something is a sign of weakness; that we aren’t just thought of, or that we can’t handle it ourselves. That could not be farther from the truth.  

Overall – ask for what you want.  Ask at work, ask at home, and I would even say ask the universe!  I know that may sound trivial, but I believe by putting out into the universe what you want and need, you are opening yourself up for those possibilities.  Remember, no one is going to do it for you, and that is okay. There is no need to feel resentful and frustrated that you aren’t at the top of the mind of those around you.  We are all inherently self absorbed, and that is okay, We have this one life, this one body, and this one journey. If you aren’t focused on your own path, then you are missing out!

I am starting today, and I am asking you to join me.  Will you be an advocate for yourself? Will you scream your accomplishments, your needs, and your desires?  Please know I am here doing that and will be here every step of the way! 


Colleen Lieberstein

Colleen Lieberstein, Executive Administrative Assistant, is the heartbeat at two award winning and fastest growing companies in the Chicagoland area. She lives in New Lenox with her two energetic kids, and her supportive husband. Colleen loves to read, play with her children, and go on adventures with her family. Exploring new places and eating new foods is the best.